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Hells Angels Founding – Hells Angels: Sonny Barger and Mom Boucher

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We’re examining the lives and legacies of legendary Hells Angels Sonny Barger and Mom Boucher. Both men were street legends and incredibly influential within the specific world of outlaw bikers as well as underworld in general.

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Hells Angels Founding - Hells Angels: Sonny Barger and Mom Boucher

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  1. Check out Andrew Scoppas book “inside the Montreal Mafia”
    This is from the book. The most detailed look ever in the Montreal Mafia
    Andrea Scoppa spent half of 2003 locked in a bitter dispute with a member of the Hells Angels over lucrative narcotics-dealing territory in Montreal. This type of clash would be unthinkable almost two decades later, now that the biker gang has seized control of virtually the entire Quebec drug market. But from March to September 2003, the Mafia still had the upper hand, and Scoppa dared to encroach on Yves “Led” Leduc’s turf.

  2. The situation has changed in Canada in the last 15 years…the bikers are on top and the mob is under them, this is due to all intra family mob wars, read Andrew Scoppas book he was a made member of The Canadian Mob. He got killed in 2019, his book just came out

  3. watch christys outlawn chronicles history channel series he stated the war with the outlaws was almost over but a few i forget the number of hells angels got jumped by the outlaws and he called Taco and tried to get the cuts back to keep the war from popping off again and Taco basically told him he couldn't do anything about it so christy told him that be the last time he heard from him and the wars been on full force ever since

  4. You guys should both watch the movie “Mafia Inc” that came out last year. It’s about a fictional crime family in Montreal that takes place in the early 90’s- loosely based off the Rizzuto’s. In the movie they unite the bikers, the black gangs and the Irish. Honestly one of the best mafia movies I’ve ever seen. I really can’t recommend you guys watching it enough. Almost all of the movie is in Italian but there’s a good amount of French and English mixed in as well. Probably the most authentic feeling mafia films I’ve seen- more so than Goodfellas or Casino.

  5. You guys are awesome. Only tip I could give as a viewer is to stop cutting each other off and talking over each other. I hope you don’t take that as me being an asshole because I love your show and will always support just wanted to give my opinion as a regular listener.

  6. Canada is also different because Canada has a national president where the United States doesn't have a national structure at all every chapter is autonomous. Walter stadnick was the national president in Canada while Mom Boucher was the Quebec Nomads president

  7. The Hell's Angels in Canada are just a lot different than the Hells Angels in the United States. The Hell's Angels in Canada are basically all gangsters as opposed to the Hell's Angels in the United States where some of them aren't criminals at all. It's quite a bit different in Canada

  8. Stone Cold is definitely a bad ass movie lol . I knew exactly what yall were going to say in mentioning a biker gang movie lol. Also what are the rizzutos doing now especially Since Viti son took over as well? Do they still have international reach and maintain the connections Vito built

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