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  1. Hey ,, I have a question. So i went for my C&P exam yesterday and it was with a private party Doctor /Audiologist contracted by the VA for my Tinnitus claim. It went astonishing well and he told me he was ruling in my favor and giving me the "service Connection". I was given a hearing test and he said it exactly matched the private party hearing test I was given months ago and it was from the same Doctor that gave me my Nexus letter, and he further said its impossible to fake. But he also said that I have moderate hearing loss and further said I should've filed for that along with my Tinnitus claim. He also said that if I decide to add the hearing loss claim within 3 months he would approve it and its service-connected due to the C&P report he prepared and the fact that I was a NAVY Builder (BU) which is on the DOD Tinnitus presumption list its all good. But he said it MAY not get me above the 10% threshold. So is it worth it to add the hearing loss claim and having it approved even if it doesnt raise my percentage??????? He also said I should go to the VA and get hearing aids. Thank you for your time . Whats your opinion?

  2. Thank you I think I definitely have PTSD. However my mental health exam that's scheduled shortly is actually for a different diagnosis so I don't even know if I should get into ptsd-related things too much although I do think that's one of the strong underlying causes. Really appreciate the reminders I Believe In The Law of Attraction and I also try to be positive and not be a damper on anyone else's mood so I am often keeping things to myself or trying to be optimistic and always saying that I'm healing or getting better or in recovery so that my mind and body know that I want to be healthy and that attitude matters. However I also know this is a disparity between where I want to be healthwise and where I am at now. Learned that because of trauma that I sometimes overexplain and yes talking about things that are off topic or too many topics at once often confuses people. Had civilian psychologists raise the point to me that some of this might be at ADHD type of symptom due to PTSD and that's why it's more severe for me as an adult than it was in childhood. Anyways I'm actually praying and wanting to get better. However if I didn't have a pension it would be near impossible due to how much the VA has been denying me legitimate medical care needs. So I really appreciate the public good here.

  3. I’ve seen so many of these videos but I have never seen a video where they address a C&P exam that’s through VIDEO CHAT! Can you make a video about that? I had one before and I’m going to do another for a PTSD increase. Thanks.

  4. I completed my C&P exams and now the questionnaires from those exams are on Tricare online. I went through all of them and they are full of inaccuracies. My blood pressure was recorded differently. The examiners says I don't have an issue that I am getting treated for and the specialist diagnosised me. On the general DBQ questions conflict with the DBQ that was done by the specialist.

  5. I had a friend that went to a c and p examine for ptsd he also used the bathroom all over himself In the doctors office they called the cops the cops put a 51/50 on him he got locked up in a mental hospital for 3 days then they took his firearms from him va found him to be malingering and took away his 10 percent he was getting

    He was drunk at the exam

  6. I was just told that my depression was not service connected I have been dealing with chronic pain since I hurt my back from a fall in the military. I have not been able to hold a job because of the pain causing me to miss work and being left go due to missing to much work. I don't shower very often and I wear the same clothes for days. I am tired of fighting the VA and pray for death every night before bed hoping to not wake up the next day. I think I might need the help of an attorney.

  7. I had one exam for MST – the interviewer (doctor) asked me NOTHING about my time in the military – the things that were done to me, people (women) are now winning huge claims, in the civilian arena. Back then, there was no one to tell (Vietnam era) and to report anything would have only made the situation worse. And, as a young women, I thought it best to attempt to rise above – show honor. Unfortunately, it affected me deeply in the following decades of my life. I am quite embarrassed by that truth, because my own creed of existence is about overcoming. The interviewer seemed to be laughing at me – jerking me around and confusing me with fast questions that made no sense to me. After being denied, I got an attorney and will now, a year later, be going to another exam, which is pretty far away from me . I absolutely hate to do anything that resembles whining; other vets have said to me, 'baby, you better sing like a canary'.

  8. I reviewed a few of your videos which helped me to be prepared for the c&p examine. The take away is to know what to expect and to be sure to focus on the key point or points you
    want to make your the examiner hears. Thanks for making theses videos.

  9. I had a comp/pen exam for ptsd and the doc was late, wanted to talk about my childhood and by the time he actually got to the stresser of my claim he said my time was up. I got a copy of the exam and the entire section after the stresser statement was completely ignored . So I saw another PH D doc and got a second exam which comfirms the original diagnosis along with statements from me and my wife and appealed the denial for anything from the VA. I am soooo discussed with the VA I'm ashamed for them.

  10. Buddy statements, Do you know if these are valid in all states? I wrote on out for my husband and attended the meeting with the lady at DVA. She asked me if I was a doctor and if not my statement had no value and would be tossed. She said he would have a hearing to which we went back for and she was the one conducting the hearing. Needless to say, denied any increase. So frustrating!! My husband is in constant knee and back pain suffered from his vehicle being hit with an RPG not to mention PTSD and can't get to 100%, yet some walking around here that never went into combat are getting 100% for self-inflicted drug addiction. Oh! and he went to VA last week, again with knee issues. The lady doctor's diagnosis… "Well, you are getting older"!!

  11. I know a whole bunch of people at 80/100 mostly government worker's they still work and get big checks . then I see the Vietnam war Infantry or combat veteran's still at 20/30 pct PTSD still walking the streets. I know personally a national guardsmen that went overseas for 3 month's. He claims to have knee problems he works for the government gets 80 pct. Yet he runs and walks etc. Then I know former paratroopers with lots of jumps. That can't even get 20 pct for their knee injuries. Some can barely walk. Then there's a national guard dude that ran from the Vietnam war joined the guard so he wouldn't go to Vietnam at 30 pct hearing loss. Funny this guy is not even considered a veteran. Doesn't have 181 days not including training. Doesn't have a DD form 214. While those that did served in Vietnam are at 20/30 pct. Do the rater's know the difference? A lady told me once at county fair. He that serves is a veteran. I said no ma'am there is a criteria. Just because someone served 2 weeks and got kicked out doesn't qualify him as a veteran.

  12. Hell I’m a male and I’d wear makeup to my c&p exam but they say to also not to be extreme. It’s sad that the VA only looks for certain things, what to say and what not to say. We are all numbers. They pick and choose who gets approved. Did they go through what I went through? Who are they to turn us down when we are on our knees BEGGING for help only to turn us away. I went for an increase and felt that the dr belittled me and asked a thousand questions. I’m currently at 70% and if I had known she was gonna not recommend me for an increase, I should have grabbed her by the throat and tossed her ass all around the office. Needless to say I still struggle mentally and physically. I drink every night to temporarily make it go away. Alcohol makes me feel better

  13. I went to my mental health exam not shaved, hair messed up, went in shorts, sandals and scruffy clothes. I reslquested my c&p exam transcript and they wrote i was well groomed and well dressed. Why would they be dishonest like this and what can i do? I also claimed my bipolar disorder and there is no mention of it, all they mention was anxiety diaorder when i never claimed it even though i am already service connected for it at 30%

  14. I filed a VA claim 4 years ago for rotar cuff pain with degenerated arthritis it happen in the military 40 years ago they have it in there medical records I have been denied 4 times now I'm going through a Supplemental appeal they called me for a second C&P exam is that common ??

  15. I went for an increase last week. I'm freaking out because I'm unsure of how I did. I currently get 50% for PTSD, but since my last exam, I've gotten worse, suicide attempts, etc. She asked me how I was and she responded with I'm sure "as good as could be expected?" I didn't answer because why the fuck would I be here if I was having a good day? If my life were good, i wouldn't be here, I thought. I'm afraid because I don't know if I said the right things or not. I've been going to counseling after a suicide attempt a year ago. And was honest with the examiner.
    She asked do you have anxiety: I told her about how I have so much anxiety and depression that I couldn't even attend my daughter's games or drive long distances, etc. And how I avoid going to the grocery store during the day because I have so much anxiety around other people. And I always feel people are looking at me (I was a paratrooper and standing in line makes me deathly nervous).
    I told her I have no interpersonal relationships because of the anxiety and depression.
    I told her about the 7 medication I take a day because of the PTSD.
    I told her I don't have a girlfriend or wife because I can't get close to anyone.
    And in the end, she said: "Is there anything else you'd like me to know?"
    I went on to emphasize the impact that this cluster of disabilities has had on my life (PTSD with anxiety & chronic panic attacks).
    Can someone tell me how I did? Was 100% honest with her, though and want to increase from 50% to at least 70%.

  16. I was fortunate to have a great person examine y PTSD exam she actually wrote down, and dig deep, and ask questions about how I really felt, she even interviewed my wife alone. It was rough going back to those places of darkness but I got what I think I deserved. So I tell all vets lay it all down be honest and lead your pride at the door.

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