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High Point Coffee – What’s In Your Instant 3-In-1 Coffee? | Talking Point | Full Episode

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Many of us can’t do without our 3-in-1 coffee. It is not only quick, convenient and cheap, but more importantly, it gives us our much-needed boost in the morning. But what’s really in our favourite 3-in-1 sachets, and how much of a caffeine kick is it really giving us? Host Rai Kannu brews up a storm to find out.

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High Point Coffee - What’s In Your Instant 3-In-1 Coffee? | Talking Point | Full Episode

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  1. I was used to consuming 3n1 coffee until 4th quarter of last year. I felt bloated and lost the appetite to eat proper meal. I was sure it was the 3n1 because I only get bloated the next day when I tried skipping coffee for a day or 2.. I used to drink 3-5 cups a day. Around October last year, I switched back to black coffee, drank about 2-3 cups a day, and I was happy. No more bloating and I even slept better. But then I started craving for 3n1 again. What I did was I mixed an instant black coffee, muscovado sugar, and a bit of instant creamer and put it in a jar. I get a consistent taste the way I want because I measure how much of each content I add. I still get added fats because of the creamer but not as much as the 3n1 that I can't control. I only consume 3n1 during travels if I have no access to brewed coffee.. Coffee is LIFE for someone like me.

  2. I used to LOVE those; however, I began to realize they were spiking my blood sugar. Well, they taste good; but I decided to stop being lazy, and make my own, so I can adjust and reduce the sugar/cream intake. It's an insulin thing now, so I have to pay attention. Made me regret all the packets of hot chocolate mix I consumed as kid.

  3. Robusta beans which is cheaper and have higher caffeine and often use in 3 in 1. Black instant coffee often market to use 100% arabica which lower caffeine. Also the gram of coffee use per g. Therefore not all instant or 3in1 caffeine level is the same. For best coffee, it is still a freshly grind and brew coffee. Be it espresso, mokapot, aeropress, french press or drip still way better than 3 in 1.

  4. Hydrogenated fat, like non dairy creamer, it’s transfst and would convert your good cholesterol to bad. This same nondairy creamer is used in most cakes as cream. So do shortening and margerine that are heavily used in Japanese products too. Avoid these.

  5. Oh no, i will never have 3 in 1 coffee. It’s a havoc in a human health due to the processed ingredients especially sugar and the cream(hydrogenated) and other unknown chemicals for preservation. Black only for me, organic chemical free with great bitter sweet notes of flavor

  6. The chemist was being waaay too nice when explaining the additives, all of which are there only to mask the unfavorable points of the the instant joe… lol Also, something is definitely wrong when the first two ingredients listed are basically pure gula!

  7. No way am I going to drink robusta coffee. I've tried robusta all the ways you can think of, by itself, added to Arabica, many ingredients added, few ingredients added, no other ingredients and NO, I will not drink robusta coffee. For me, it has to be 100% Arabica.

  8. Any product that has "hydrogenated" anything on the ingredients list, we place back on the store shelf. Powdered coffee creamer is on our DNP (Do Not Purchase ) list. A little sugar may not destroy you but I also avoid that. To keep it simple, I support local coffee farmers where I have gone into semi-retirement in the Philippines. A bag of roasted beans, a means to grind the beans, and good water are all you really must have. Filtering is nice but optional. A few years ago, I could purchase coffee beans and roast them to my personal preference. Might do that again soon?

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