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Move to these places and you’re gonna regret it big time!

Wisconsin. Famous for its cheese, beer and football. And it’s more than just a tailgater’s dream. The Badger State has rolling hills, thousands of beautiful lakes and some big-name universities. If you’re from Wisconsin, you know it’s a great state to call home, but not every city in America’s Dairyland is a winner.

To measure the bad places in this state, we have to use two things – data and opinion. We’ve looked at a bunch of data, you know – crime, poverty, the quality of schools and home prices. Plus, we took into account YOUR opinion – that’s right – you Wisconsinites have a lot to say about which places in your states are great and which are not so great. So, while the ice cream sundae got its start here, there’s not much sweet about the places we’re talking about today.

Let’s get started.

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  1. OK now I’m insulted because I live in Racine and my mom is on food stamps but the reason she is on food stamps is because she doesn’t have a job because she can’t have a job because she has to take care of my nephew who is disabled and there’s no one to help her

  2. Having moved to Beloit from having lived Mequon/shorewood/ripon/Oshkosh……and having travelled throughout the works, it is not anything like you have said. We’ve lived here 5 years now by choice and in 2 different areas, not once have I felt unsafe, there is soooo much to offer families in terms of things to do, places to go etc. Beloit is not dangerous, the crime is isolated much like other cities into certain areas around certain times… we are about an hour from Madison, Milwaukee and just a tad bit more to Chicago which puts us in a prime location in terms of day trips etc. but hey, as long as this rumor of Beloit stays true, we will have our beautiful city to ourselves, traffic will stay low and cost of living low as well. I do recommend coming back here and going to some of the amazing restaurants, festivals, parks and actually driving around….we have a picture perfect downtown, no empty or abandoned buildings lurking, a brand new stadium, tons of diversity which means diverse restaurants, beautiful college, trails along the river front and cool breweries within our small city. Just some thoughts from a Beloit implant.

  3. "Can you imagine that, lowlife, movin' up here from Illinois just to get more welfare money" — so tragic!!!
    There ought to be a law, some sort of protection, to keep these small towns safe from such stuff!!
    And by the way, can we just say it: isn't most of the high crime in Wisconsin due to people who came up there from Illinois, who are not working, who are getting a government check?

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