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Hoboken Animal Hospital - the early 1900's

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  2. The year 1900 does not belong to the 20th Century
    The year 1900 must be completed before the 20th Century begins
    How dumb most people are…including those who brought in the 21st Century in the year 2000!!
    Smarten up people and know what your talking about before you open up your mouth.

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  4. Many of the "facts" in this YT are not true. Vaccination was know in the 19th Century. Personal income tax started during the Civil War to finance the war. There were all kinds of real estate swindles and cons going on. I think the spin on this is to try and make people believe that there was a golden age. Nope.

  5. In the REAL "good old days" of the old South, if a plantation owner had a really dangerous job that needed to be done, like digging a deep trench, he did NOT have his slaves do it. Why, they were VALUABLE! He would hire Irish immigrants. If the trench caved in and killed them, he'd just hire a fresh batch!

  6. Boy would these people be disgusted is they seen how people are today I know I am. Pretty amazing within 100 yrs or so people have become more delusional, mentally unstable, all kinds of issues on large scales. Really would like to know the answer for why this is. Something they did to the water, fast food.. Something. I would guess comfort has a big part in it then a change in parenting adding in woke Universities then social media all compounding on top of each other

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  9. Random fun facts. My Nana, who was born in 1927 and is still alive today, grew up in what is now a ghost town. Grades 1-12 were pretty much split up between only two classrooms. She hoarded toilet paper during covid only because she experienced an even worse toilet paper shortage when she was a kid and her family had to use JC Penny catalogues to wipe. She didn’t have electricity in her home until she moved to the biggest city in the state. Her first job earned her only 32 and a half cents an hour. She was also a racecar driver back in high school because why not. She got married at 15 and had 11 kids, 2 of which aren’t with us anymore. She’s the last one living of her siblings and she is still very much a hoot and a half. Oddly enough, her husband (my Papa), who passed when I was in high school, lived through the same conditions as my Nana, but his personality and quirks are very similar to mine which I find endearing. My paternal grandparents once lit oil lamps at night and used outhouses, but one of them is still here in an era where we can use 3 different sets of dna to make a human in a machine.

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  11. Some of the information in this video is either incorrect or exaggerrated. For instance, to say people before 1900 never heard of movies while showing clips from that era is a ludicrous contradiction. The fact is, movies were first shown publicly in 1895. Automobiles were around at least a decade before 1900, and women have been using various forms of lipstick for roughly the last 5,000 years.

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