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If you haven’t heard the news, Illinois is kind of a sinking ship. A lot of people are leaving this state. In fact, more people left Illinois than any other state in the last decade. Last year alone, 51,029 people left the land of Lincoln, meaning .4% of folks skipped town. Many moved to nearby Indiana, Wisconsin, Missouri and even into the southern states.

Every ten minutes someone leaves this state for good. By the end of this video, we’ll see another Illinois goodbye.

Why? For many reasons I’ll talk about, but generally, people are tired of the taxes and the government mismanagement. But it’s also the cold and the gloom and the lack of jobs and the crime. Right now, Illinois is the 6th most populous state, but soon, Ohio will pass Illinois for number of people.

Now the places we’re going to talk about all fit into the ‘sucky’ category when it comes to quality of life. These upcoming cities are all perfect examples of struggling communities in this state, and a big reason why Illinois people are Illinoyed. Here are the worst places in Illinois that you could possibly live.

It’s places like Chicago, Kankakee, Rockford and Peoria.

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  1. i live in Southern Illinois place called Garden of the Gods..very nice down here we are so far from the corruption of chicago but still feel the effects of it which is sad…most of our politicians wind up in prison..which is where most belong…we are leaving soon just as many others are…taxes and the governor with him passing the dumbest bat shit crazy laws he just passed is going to make Illinois even worse..if thats even possible lol…good luck to those who stay.

  2. I live in Decatur, Illinois. Decatur used to be a nice lower to mid middle class city. But, most neighborhoods are turning into hoods. Most of the blue collar families moved. We do have some nice schools and churches, but the crime is through the roof. I see a drug deal almost everyday while I drive by the hood. It's not a nice city whatsoever. It used to be a railroad hub, and supposedly the largest railroad hub in the country at one point. But, the smell is terrible. Most blue collar families in Decatur live in Mt. Zion, a small village directly next to Decatur. Most people are quite friendly, but the gangs really bring the city down and set a city-wide prejudice against African Americans.

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