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In this video, I do a virtual tour of the home depot near Boston area. I was told by workers here that this is one of the larger Home Depot stores in the region. Upon searching, I found out that the Home Depot Company is the World’s Largest Home Improvement Retailer. Their competitors include Lowe’s, Berkshire Hathaway, and Ace Hardware.

Next time, I plan to hit save on my camera more often to ensure all the footage get saved securely. That was a rookie mistake on my part.

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Home Depot Boston - My Virtual Store Tour of Home Depot

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  1. DO NOT BUY HARDWOOD FLOORS ONLINE FROM HOME DEPOT. THEY WILL SEND YOU A DIFFERENT BRAND AND COLOR, NOT THE HARDWOOD FLOORS YOU PAYED FOR. You can return the product but delivery is also an issue. They will place you at the edge of your scheduled contract and you will have to accept whatever they send.
    Home Depot has the worst customer service. Online Home Depot does not have a fluid communication with the stores, but they encourage their customers to buy hardwood online. I bought Optiwood hardwood and they sent me a different brand and color, less expensive hardwood (Wellmade brand). Worst for the delivery of online-bought items they subcontract companies that do not have proper equipment to unload the products. Thus, delivery takes forever and no one is responsive to your claims.

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