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Home Depot Lindon – How to Install Plank Vinyl- Glue Down

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In this video we will show you how to install plank vinyl on glue. We tried to keep everything as simple and easy as we can. Feel free to ask any questions.

Tools used in this video (these are amazon affiliated links)

Floor Scraper

Oscillating Tool (door jam cutter)

Putty Knife

Tape Measure

Chalk Line

Speed Square

Utility Knife

Odorless Mineral Spirits (instead of lacquer thinner)

1/16th or 1/8th of an inch Floor Trivol (v or square notch)

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Home Depot Lindon - How to Install Plank Vinyl- Glue Down

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  1. Tools used in this video (these are Amazon affiliated links)

    Floor Scraper

    Oscillating Tool (door jam cutter)

    Putty Knife

    Tape Measure

    Chalk Line

    Speed Square

    Utility Knife

    Odorless Mineral Spirits (instead of lacquer thinner)

    1/16th or 1/8th of an inch Floor Trivol (v or square notch)

  2. Not supposed to lay it wet on non porous surfaces… and you can just lay a piece of plank directly on you last piece, and put another piece on top of that one to the wall and then score the difference between them. It will leave exactly the right size, and no measurements are needed

  3. We purchased our home new with vinyl plank floors installed. We have lived in it 2 years and notices some obvious glue swirls but also see creases in the floor. How can the creases be fixed without prying up a six foot span? Any thoughts would help. Thanks!!

  4. I'm doing a floor for the first time and I'm wondering how to measure out the floor. It's square with a wall running in between the floor to separate the kitchen area. And I have a hallway running into the square area. |°°°°°°°°|°°°°°°°°°°°°|
    |. |. |………………
    |. |. ..hallway……………..
    |. |
    |. |
    |………………………..| How do I find my center of this area to start laying my 6×36 stick & peel planks?

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