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There is now a fence around the Orlando FreeFall ride at ICON Park while investigators continue to look into the tragic death of a teenager who fell off the drop-tower ride last week. An accident report states that Tyre Sampson’s seat was still in a locked position after the fall. FOX 35 News is also digging deeper into theme park ride liability.

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Kid Falling Off Ride - Seat still locked when teen fell off Orlando ride

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  1. The reporter said, Weight Limit was 287 lbs, but the graphic shows Recommended Weight 287 lbs. Those are different terms with different meanings. News Station is reporting incorrect information. Needs to make a public correction.

  2. But how is it even possible that Tyre falls down even if there is a vertical seat belt which goes right through his two legs. It couldn't have been possible that he fell down. The seat belt might have gone through his body that he fell off. There was another thing.

    In Germany for example: There is a vertical-going seatbelt between the two legs so that it is impossible to slip through the big belt even if someone weighs a bit more than the limit.

  3. why isn't anyone blaming him he knew when he sat in the seat that the harness didn't lock he should have got out of the seat because he knew damn well it wasn't locked any one in their right mind would have got the hell out of that seat knowing it wasn't properly locked am shocked that the kids beside of him didn't say anything cause they could see he was too big to be on it this is just dumb if you ask me

  4. feel for the parents I do, I lost two of my sons, but I did not go to courts seeking money for their deaths. If there is legitimate lability negligence for the ride not being run according to state laws that would be different. However, when do parents say my son was old enough and could read the signs showing weight limits, there must be individual responsibility and accountability, Was there really intent on the operators side suggesting they skipped safety protocols for a ticket, please. If the family does win and receive millions I really hope they put the money into a foundation that will honor their sons memory.

  5. He was probly trying to slide out of it and did the video probly shows that that why the harness was still latched so u got put some of the blame on the teen his parents should get the insurance money the company pays and that’s it and he probly told them a lie about his weight no one knows that

  6. The park altered the seats two of them so that bigger people could ride the manufacturer put limits on height and weight because it wasn't safe I say the hell with that the park take the ride down at a respect they murdered a child with their illegal alterations of this ride

  7. That’s why the signs should say if your this tall or if you weigh more than a certain amount you can’t ride this ride . Apologies to the guest and allow the guest to use a back door pass for another ride of his/her choice I don’t mean to be rude or offensive but most rides are not meant for heavy people ..

  8. I would not wish to ride that ride after if they even opened it up again I’ll be damned they need to close it down that’s crazy if they knew he was to but why allowed him to ride when it’s not safe it’s no way around it now they are saying it was something moved so praying they gets justice

  9. So then the manufacturer and/or the park is responsible, not having the proper signs posted. If the operator doesn't know the limits, he's not responsible. From those who seen the video, it sounds like Simpson was so big that the negative force + his weight popped his harness open and the bonce from that hard opening shut the harness back; causing him to fall and the harness to be locked in the proper position when it came back down. How scary.

  10. All amusement park need to have all limitations written. They must be enforced. The young man weight was over the ride limitation.. The young man life was loss because the park failed to disclose the ride limitation.. Now they are talking he was to heavy to be on the ride..They should've told him that while he was alive. The park failed this young man, he would be still alive if the weight limitation was posted and enforced. This is heart wrenching because his death didn't have to happen. My prayers goes out to his family. He was only 14 teen.Gone to soon.

  11. 2 "common sense" things… 1) 1 center seat belt to hold down the shoulder harness, or even better, 2 of them (how I would design it), would have been MUCH better than this crappy design with none. 2) Before the ride was released to the public, they should have tested an overweight dummy to see if they could make this situation happen. Put a 340 pound oversize dummy in there and see what happens. Don't assume the passenger/rider will assist in hanging on because what if they pass out from fear for example? Total stupidity.

  12. There wasnt any signs posted by free fall like other rides do. Those ride employees need to be held accountable for allowing Tyree to ride other rides turned him away why would you allow him to ride free fall. He was 53 pounds over the weight limit. It wasnt Tyree's fault he was a teen trying to enjoy his spring break with family & friends at an amusement park.
    Some of the employees who operate the rides sometimes come to work stoned, and be on other drugs which could be a factor in Tyrees case because the employees did ignore policy on weight & height signs should be posted by each ride for free fall tower there wasn't
    I respectfully give my condolences to the Tyree family & friends & those who are being supportive in this tragedy

  13. Does that dumb girl expect teenagers to make decisions regarding parents' kids? They're just kids, themselves. If they wouldn't let him ride the other rides, why did the parents allow him to even try to ride this. Why would you bring a kid like that, to a place, like that? To watch his heart break, as he watches the other kids having fun? Not to mention, a parent that would have allowed their kid to get so dangerously obese, in the first place. No one seemed to care much about him, sadly. Until, they saw a big payday after his death. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if they put him on the ride, hoping this would happen. Nothing would surprise me, these days.

  14. Even though the park is responsible for safety protocols, the person themselves who is getting on the ride is just as responsible as well. It sad what happen but commen sense should tell a person that if you weight 340lbs it's not safe at all to ride. He was told that he couldn't ride the the other rides so he should have just took heed to that and just enjoy he time at the park without riding the ride. So in the end the it's really the park and the young man fault. Regardless how mad people may be or look at it.

  15. I think whether a sign on the limit is required or not, doesn't matter. That was a teenage boy, he might not be mature enough to understand the importance of the weight and height limit, he was there to have fun with his friends. It is the operator's responsibility to check on it and make sure it is implemented strictly. Safety first, always. RIP baby boy

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