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Midnight Purple R34 – Fully Tuned MIDNIGHT PURPLE R34 GTR!

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Fully Tuned MIDNIGHT PURPLE R34 GTR! In today’s video I travel to Kyoto to inspect a beautiful 1999 Nissan Skyline GTR R34 in Midnight Purple. Let me know what you think of this car in the comments as well as how much you think it is worth! Thanks everyone!

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Midnight Purple R34 - Fully Tuned MIDNIGHT PURPLE R34 GTR!

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  1. I can only base the price analogous to what we have in the states, it would hold the same price as a McLaren, Saleem mustang, Acura NSX and for newer cars challenger SRT, because it's right hand drive I'd say around 45G or less, there's a lot to choose from in the U.S., engine mods reduce the price, you ask what you want but you're not gonna get it, a buyer here would have to really worship the culture the way Japan does

  2. The guess i would say for this GTR is close to $70k at least but i think it more because of the rarity of the color. This car has a lot of upgrades so i would have to say between $100k on the high side to $75K on the low side. The Market for GTR R34 is sky rocketing so the car value will increase. This is just my input. Thank you

  3. 1st I want to say thank you for taking time and exploring, explaining these beautiful cars. Some day I will own a Nissan R34 and now I know who to go through. When I was stationed at Camp Hansen Okinawa I used to see the skylines, supra RIP the street and got to ride in skyline. Keep up the great work thank you.

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