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Mike Tyson is a true legend of the heavyweight division. He entered the ring to literally kill his opponents with his insane rage and power…

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Mike Tyson Pictures - Mike Tyson vs Titans - Brutal Knockouts

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  1. Tyson was up against some great fighters there. The advantage he had was accuracy, followed by speed.
    On another noted, I think Donovan Razor Ruddick was the best heavyweight never to be world champion. Tyson said Ruddick's punches were like mule kicks.

  2. Mikel Tyson was really the bull, no one was going to face him till his early 20's I have loved his single punch, even the ones who had been in ring were really gentle men, Tyson was unforgettable champion in the history of world heavy champions!!!!

  3. But when Tyson lost the decision to Blubber Douglas? That was his best fight ever!He fought 5 people that night. 4 for years before and during. Don King, Robin Givens, Her Mom, Tyson Himself, then Add Blubber. Still took the worst beating in the history , got his mouthpiece knocked way out of his jaw, could see , ringinging pounding knowing the world and outer space watching cussing at him still GD knew he had no chance to win with it, had to have the mouthpiece at least in his mouth to go 1 more! Nobody else would have wanted to finish without quitting at that point let alone remember the mouthpiece rule. The truest warrior. Live not a script with cuts til it's just right. With Honor Iron Mike!!

  4. That era was full of monsters, including Tyson… Wish Tyson Fury exsited in that time to see his mouth running on those people as he is doing now with his funny looking body that fits pub drunken fights.

  5. The moment every boxer felt Mike Tyson's punch for the first time, even if its blocked, they know they picked the wrong profession lol. Blocking his punch its like blocking a swing from a sledgehammer with gloves

  6. Tyson in his prime was a beast. Yet when he killed the other guy he always went to to them with arms open to hug them. In the ring he was Dale Sr. After best buddy. Tyson for heavy weight was one of the shortest an like 5,10 Everyone else 5+ inches on him.

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