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In this video I show you different ways of how to hide the smell of weed.
How to Hide Weed:
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  1. Can someone help me? I am from 5 pm to 11pm alone home. And im planning to try a joint for the first time. Im planning to do it while taking a bath, use a homemade sploof , put towels under my door ,opened 2 windows , spraying some deodorant before smoking , some smelling sticks and smelling oil, and covering the joint with an upside down cup so the smoke doesnt get all over the room. Would it hide the smell of weed?

  2. i spray my bathroom before , smoke as much as i can(out the window) , spray everything again after , then just fan the bathroom w the door for like 20 seconds(as hard as i can) , spray again then be like "if i get caught i get caught" , then just do whatever i want

  3. What I do is get a little spray bottle and fill it up with Rubbing Alcohol (91% preferably) and spray that shit around you/room as your airing out your room. Then spray the Heavy Duty Febreeze for pets and that shit helps a lot and usually there's no smell at all

  4. I was once growing some weed in the house. Near the end of the grow, when the plants were big, It made the whole house smell like Skunk. WoooWeee ! Then I figured out that a Skunk got under the crawlspace of my house and died there. So dead Skunk is how to hide the smell of your weed plants.

  5. hahahaha…love this. I'm 70 in a couple months and live surrounded by potato fields so the pointers don't really apply to me, but they're well presented. I'm in Canada, smoking a joint and looking out in the yard at my lovely plants…such sweet girls.

  6. When I’m at home I uses edibles, but if I do smoke at home, I do it in my bathroom in my room lock the door, I light incense in my room as the smell is more smoky than an air freshener, and seems to blend better to the smell of pot. I normally smoke just before midnight so it gives it more time to cool down by morning. Before I leave my room I would light another incense stick and let the smoke hit my clothes, just as a precaution. Also the shower is pretty good as the condensation causes the smell to not be potent and just use lots of shower gel and soap! But if your that worried about ur relatives finding out u smoke just buy edibles! I always find some of my best experiences getting high has been through using edibles, maybe cause it hits all at once rather than gradually smoking a joint.

  7. If you want to be a stealthy cannabis smoker smoke cannabis oil instead with a tiny bit of weed mixed in so it burns better . Moderately priced electric air purifiers with smoke filters will clean a room in an hour . I sometimes tape all around my bedroom door with masking tape then open the window and light up . Masking tape is easily removed and used again and it keeps the smoke from getting out into the halls .

  8. Smoking indoors requires overkill ventilation pulling air out like a box fan in an open window drawing out

    Doobies and Bliznt are the worst indoors or in vehicles

    The only way to get the smell off of You is to bathe or shower well then change clothes

    Remember, "a dog can't smell its own ass"..

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