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Missouri Jefferson County – Best Things to Do in Jefferson City, Missouri

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Have you ever been to the “show-me state”? You’ll soon see how Missouris earned its tongue-in-cheek nickname once you visit one of its most famous and interesting areas.

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00:00 – Intro
00:27 – Missouri State Penitentiary
01:03 – Prison Brews
01:21 – The Missouri State Capitol
01:52 – The Missouri State Museum
02:10 – Lewis and Clark Monument
02:26 – Museum of Missouri Military History
02:55 – Jefferson Landing State Historic Site
03:26 – Governor’s Mansion
03:45 – Carnahan Memorial Garden
04:05 – Rock Bridge Memorial State Park
04:19 – Katy Trail State Park
04:43 – Finger Lakes State Park
05:01 – Binder State Park
05:31 – Central Dairy
05:58 – Runge Nature Center
06:27 – Downtown
06:50 – ECCO Lounge
07:02 – Madison’s Cafe
07:23 – Colonel Alvin R. Lubker Memorial Safety and Education Center
07:47 – Mission LLC Nightclub
08:01 – Missouri Farm Bureau Log Home
08:16 – Capital Mall
08:28 – Miller Performing Arts Center
08:50 – Stark Caverns
09:01 – Ashford Castle
09:14 – Outro

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Jefferson City has many historic buildings that have stood the test of time. Visit the State Penitentiary, the Old Governor’s Mansion, or the Capitol Building. Many will make you feel as if you’ve been transported back to the Civil War era, such as the Jefferson Historic Landing Site and the Missouri Farm Bureau Log Home.

The city also offers plenty of museums to spend your time in for more glimpses into its history. Go to the Museum of Missouri Military History to see how the state has played a part in almost every American conflict or the Missouri State Museum for a more complete picture of its history.

Despite its name, Jefferson City has a high concentration of state parks. Stop by Rock Bridge and enter ts freezing Devil’s Icebox Cave, traverse the long Katy Trail at the state park that bears its name, ride your ATV through Finger Lakes State Park, or go to Binder State Park to play with your children or pets.

Jefferson City residents also know how to have fun. Throw down at the Capitol Bowl, play at the arcade in the Capital Mall, then dance the night away at the Mission LLC nightclub.
If you need a quick drink, stand in line for a unique experience at Prison Brews, a brewery that’s decorated itself to match the nearby Penitentiary. You can also stand in line to get a treat from Central Dairy if you’re patient enough.

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Best Things to Do in Jefferson City, Missouri
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  1. Who put this terrible video together? The Governors mansion opened in the 1990's? Try 1872! The Capitol complex ix not on 3 acres. Binder Lake is not a state park, it's a city park. Rock Bridge and Finger Lakes are not in Jefferson City, they are in Columbia Mo. and you actually posted video of Jefferson Lake State park-IN OHIO! The prison is known as the "Bloodiest 40 acres" in America because of violent prison riots which took place there. Runge Center is not in the middle of Jefferson City. And s one poster commented, Lincoln University, founded in 1866, is among the nation's first, therefore oldest HBCU's. Starke Caverns is not in Jeff city. It's 40 miles South of Jefferson City between Eldon and the Lake of the Ozarks. The Miller Performing Arts Center did open in 1926-As Jefferson city High School! It did not become a performing arts center until the 1990's. I've never heard of Ashford Castle, do not know if it even exists in Missouri but it certainly does not exist anywhere near Jefferson City.

  2. Anyone who has ever been to Jefferson City will recognize this video as a total farce. The creator of this video has simply acquired published photos of things in and around the city and added a bit of internet research for the commentary…….getting most of it incorrect in the process. If all of ViewCation's videos are this poor and inaccurate, then they are not worth the time spent viewing them. Again, mostly inaccurate information, says this 65 year resident of this town.

  3. You forgot to add Lincoln University, the State’s largest Historically Black College & University (HBCU)..even though you used the library on the campus for b roll. It was founded by Missourian soldiers, is home to National Champions, and produces nurses and professionals for the state. That’s a bit more impactful than a restaurant or cave sir.

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