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Moon’S Funeral Home Flint – History and Origin of GI Joe's FLINT!

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This is the origin and the history of G.I. Joe’s Flint! Learn about his story through Larry Hama’s Marvel and IDW run plus some other facts about his life, Sunbow and his action figures.

*Editor’s Note: I know there is some debate on the actual pronunciation of his first name, I ultimately chose the way that the author he was named after pronounced it*

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Moon'S Funeral Home Flint - History and Origin of GI Joe's FLINT!

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  1. Alright, I guess I have to write a pinned message as I continue to get messages regarding pronunciation of his first name. There is a debate as to the proper spelling online – yes I did research it – and ultimately chose the spelling which matches that of the author he is named after. I know not all will agree but that is what I chose to go with of all the subtle variations

  2. Well, many go warrant after obtaining E6. E6 is currently a minimum requirement (which can be waivered) to go to WOCS. I think having that NCO background really is why so many warrant officers are some of my favorite people. So maybe E6 and then warrant on his card are just natural rank progression for him. I've always liked Flint. His style and leadership seemed very positive. As I go about my career I always find myself working well with warrant officers. One of the best people I've ever served with was a warrant officer. Great job on this vid!

  3. Always dug flint's style…him an Beach head are probably my favorite leaders in the cartoons … great video dude.. thanks for to them I've learned so much about so many comic book characters from my childhood..stuff I didn't know and stuff I've long forgotten..

  4. Being from the UK it was unavoidable that Flint would be one of my favourites during my childhood. The Action Force comics made him the leader of the Joe's European adventures, and he and Lady Jaye got a LOT of story time. I'd say that if you're a fan of the Flint/Jaye relationship then you NEED to own the Action Force weekly and Monthly comics books … (Even though they do argue a lot!) …
    Then the first episode of the cartoon I ever watched was Eau De Cobra … another story that heavily featured Flint and Jaye. Bill Ratner's voice gave him a warmth that other characters lacked, and there was just something about the character that made him special.

  5. One additional point left out of the note about his daughter is that in the Japanese Transformers continuity Flint also has a granddaughter named Sue Faireborn. It's a thing that kind of seems nuts at first, but then you realize that flint was originally in his late twenties/thirties in the '80s and so it's actually perfectly possible that he could be a grandfather right now, especially when you have a scenario like across the pond where they've been trying to somehow keep everything in the same continuity for 30 years. I don't know though, I think Flint could definitely pull off that whole "cool badass grandpa" look.

    Side note, but Flint was one of my favorite Joes growing up. Always preferred him to Duke.

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