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Xavier’s dream turns deadly for some of his students as they fight back against the humans’ plan to eliminate them. Superstar writer Jonathan Hickman continues his reshaping of the X-Universe alongside Young Gun artist Pepe Larraz. The Future of the X-Men begins here!

Jonathan Hickman and his creative teams did an amazing job setting the stage for the last 3 issues of House of X and Powers of X. At some points he filled the books with a bit too much detail but the payoff in Powers of X #3 and House of X #3 and 4 is nothing short of extraordinary. Everything about the last few issues is highly impactful because Hickman painstakingly created a story and characters worth investing in. They haven’t cut corners or tried to manipulate readers into caring. The characters and stakes are presented perfectly. Allowing readers to join the X-Men as we learn their ultimate fate.

The art from Pepe Larraz and Marte Garcia continues to shine this issue. The duo have really come into their own this series and I’m still bummed Larraz won’t be a part of X-Men moving forward. I suspect he’ll contribute to X-Men in the future. If the first 7 issues are any indication this story is going to be talked about for years to come and Pepe Larraz and Marte Garcia are a huge part of that.

This may be Jonathan Hickman’s masterpiece. The emotional culmination of 12 issues worth of work paid off in perfection. I’m shocked there are still 5 more issues of this amazing story. I can’t honestly imagine what Jonathan Hickman and his team have in store that can top this. But he obviously has something in mind to set the final stage for the 6 Dawn of X X-Men series beginning to debut in October.

House of X #4 is absolute perfection and the result of phenomenal world building. The stakes couldn’t have been higher coming into this issue. The characters responded like their world would end if the Mother Mold came online. They were all willing to sacrifice everything to give their mutant brothers and sisters a chance at a future. This is the best comic story in many years. The best X-Men story in over a decade. These kind of amazing comics come around less and less these days. Enjoy Hickman’s X-Men while you can, because right now it’s perfection.

The fallout from this issue is going to be very large in scope. You can’t destroy a machine built, funded and manned by so many powerful agencies and not expect an enormous and devastating response. Also of note is the name of the next issue in the series, Powers of X #4. “Something Sinister” is name gleaned from the Krakoan cypher proved in House of X #3. It appears Mister Sinister and his role to play in Moira’s 10th life is about to be revealed. This is gonna be the perfect change of pace after 3 high-impact, action-packed, emotionally draining issues that saw a ton of loss on many fronts.

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  1. A last talk between two stalwarts… a catholic Nightcrawler and an atheist Wolverine. As before and now, Nightcrawler's faith is a bastion that even Logan can believe to that there IS an afterlife. Thanks Jonathan for allowing us old X-men fossil fans to know comic bliss one more time… unto the breach!

  2. One of the best parts of this for me is that there was no unnecessary conflict on the team, no drama that wasn’t needed everyone was a pillar of strength.

    The scene with Kurt and Logan hurt me, as did the scene where Scott apologises to Jean and she feels him die, all of the deaths hurt and had needed gravitas. But the page that effected me the most was the sentinels attacking Jean’s life pod, surrounding it and ripping into it and her scream as the sentinel sticks its face in.

    This is really what the X-men and comics should be, not politics, not societal issues a group of people fighting against insurmountable odds for something that is fundamentally right, heroes showing why we’ve always loved them.

  3. So gave it a light second read and something on the tech page caught my attention. Up until this issue, the state of the world was that mutants have just made the power play that is about to make them the dominant species. It is so imminent that radicalizes some of the some of the worlds largest scientific think tanks into becoming Orchis.

    Reality? Mutants are dwindled to…what? 186? It was something like .0000002% of the worlds population?

    Just seems to be suble dig at the way propaganda can radicalize people against minorities even if it is completely divorced from reality.

  4. This book is so good. I mean, Hickman is simply killing it (no pun intended). This is what the X-men needed. I'm so glad Hickman is steering the ship!

    Also, that wolverine visual with him on fire near the sun, felt like a subtle phoenix aka hot claws reference.

  5. Hey Wes big fan from Australia. This comment is of topic but I see there is no Aquaman comic release for November. I'm curious if that's cause KSD has been taken off Aquaman like G W Wilson was taken off WW. Why do you think there's no Aquaman in November. I hope KSD is taken off Aquaman cause he's my favourite character and I refuse to read Aquaman with KSD writting it cause I don't want to be heart broken when she turns the title to crap. I know here sales have fallen off a cliff

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