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New Seasons Vancouver Wa – Cost of Living in Beaverton Oregon [West Portland]

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Learn the cost of living in Beaverton Oregon and West Portland. It is the same as Bethany, Hillsboro, Tigard, Tualatin. This is the home of Nike world headquarters and Intel!

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  1. Just moved to the area for school! I am currently renting, and I was wondering your thoughts on buying if I'm not sure how long I'm going to be here. I'll definitely be in the area through 2023, but is that long enough to make buying worth it?

  2. I live in the Bethany area I’m just gonna say Beaverton sucks. Like I don’t know why anyone would voluntarily move here. We have 1 major mall, one tiny amusement park in Portland and Nike headquarters and that’s pretty much it. Portland has some cool stuff though like OMSI but Beaverton is pretty much just the suburbs of Portland.

  3. Hey guys!

    We had a blast in Portland on our three-day trip. However, we didn't have time to check out Beaverton but we are now considering it for a summer move.

    My husband and I are in our 30s, no kids. We love walkability to food and coffee shops since we work from home. We have a dog so we like to hike. We are not big party people…LOL. We do like geeky stuff like gaming and movies and shopping.

    We were really wanting Slabtown but not sure if we want to stretch our budget that much. How is Beaverton as far as varieties of shops, restaurants, and entertainment? Is it a really suburban feel or is it more like a mini-Portland?

    We found an apartment complex we really love and it's near SW 160th Ave in Beaverton. Is that a good area?

    Thanks for all of the great content!

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