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Are laying hens profitable? I break down all of the costs of having laying hens, how profitable they are and some marketing tips for pasture raised eggs.

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  1. Question: Why are you feeding your hens so much food? Correct me if I’m wrong, but if they’re “pasture raised” that means they spend basically their entire day outside roaming around eating whatever they want (grubs, worms, bugs, grass, seeds they find, just whatever) and then they only go into the hen house at night. Whatever feed you might give them is just a supplement.

    That’s different than if they were called “free range” because many farms keep all the hens bottled up in a building, but just provide one little door providing them access to the outdoors if they want to go out there, but it must be pretty hard to train a hen to find a door, plus they only get to spend a short time outside. But, from what I understand there actually aren’t any FDA guidelines or anything so there’s no standard definition, therefore some “free range” farms do provide their hens with plenty of outdoor time.

  2. Thank you for all the information you share. I have just recently started my homestead journey and I too am documenting my journey on youtube. The info that you share helps so much, especially for someone like myself just starting out.

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