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Nicholas Veniamin Rumble – EP001 – What happened to Cirsten W?

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What happened to Cirsten? I’m not claiming to know but I am presenting the information I gathered. Many people have many questions.

You are invited to join in honor of Cirsten, sharing Gene Decode’s message.
Gene Decode is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Tribute to CirstenW from Gene Decode for the World
Time: Jan 10, 2022 12:00 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada)

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Meeting ID: 833 1930 0100
Passcode: Gene

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Nicholas Veniamin Rumble - EP001 - What happened to Cirsten W?

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  1. Thank you for posting this… I was wondering what happened… unfortunately I’m not surprised, all truth tellers will be taken out one way or another because we now live in a world ran by lovers of lies!!! Get your hearts right with GOD…

  2. It sounds like what happened to my brother, he wanted to leave the hospital, escaped 2 times, he fainted and broke his head, took to hospital, he didn't want to be tubed, but they did, he died. no CV19 at any of the multiple tests they made. A chronic kidney condition, he got pneumonia. then death. Albert Einstein hospital in NY.

  3. You don't lose consciousness from C-19. I've had it and 2 of my siblings had it. It's literally the flu with hard breathing. If she was slurring her words, and unconscious, then she was probably poisoned if she didn't fake her death

  4. Robert David Steele most likely faked his death. I am very certain that Cirsten also faked her death as well.

    She didn't wear masks, so she most likely didn't get bacterial pneumonia.

    If she got C-19, she wouldn't have died because she knows the natural cures for C-19.

    I would bet that she's still alive like sooooo many including JFK Jr, Michael Jackson, Princess Diana, Robert David Steele, Elvis, Robin Williams, Isaac Kappy…and so many more

  5. It doesn’t add up…..where were all the close friends and why would she fly being sick and why hasn’t someone picked up her body etc etc? Correct the pictures do not look like her at all. If she could post she get in touch with someone to
    Pick her up. It looks staged . Why did the person she was Staying with not stay by her side?…2 Many questions

  6. Since she died there’s no intel anymore. She was the queen of intel. Gene Decode said that she was murdered but her body disappeared. He said it was proplably the Chinese Cabal that murdered her because she betrayed them. You should watch his interview with Nicolas Veniami on bichute.

  7. She asks WHY WOULD I NEED OXYGEN. Hmmmm, if she didn't trust medical personnel then WHY did she choose to go to hospital? If she believed totally in God's power and felt science and doctors are not of God's power, why did she not go to her local Pentecostal prophet/healer and friends for healing of COVID-19 instead of to hospital? Either she believed in God's and Prophet/healer power or she didn't. Her actions show her faith was words, not action.

    She meant she wanted to stay here alive on Earth. Later she was hoping God would save her, make her well enough to leave hospital and go home. When you lack oxygen, you will not be able to always speak in sensible syntax.

    And bacterial pneumonia is one thing that often happens as COVID-19 attacks the lungs.

    People don't always realize they need oxygen until it is measured.

  8. You have done a fabulous job of your first video.
    I admire you for your first live being about Cirsten.
    I felt as if she was a friend,and was chuffed everytime she replied to comments I made on her channel.
    While many were uppity and found fault with her delivery (according to their nasty comments) I loved her for telling the truth.
    I believe she and Robert David Steel are in witness protection.
    I need to believe that for my own sanity.
    We know how threatened Cirsten and RDS were for telling the truth fearlessly,so hopefully the white hats or the alliance has taken them to a safe place to be protected
    If not….Rest in Peace Cirsten.

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