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Old Man Strength – Tariq Nasheed Talks About “Old Man Strength”

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Old Man Strength - Tariq Nasheed Talks About “Old Man Strength”

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  1. There was a time I was proud to defend Umar Johnson. I understand he just a scammer with gift of gab……
    I knew there was rift with Tariq and Umar and now I get it and have to back up from it.
    This is not funny at all. Many valuable person's of our people have been lost to different vices.
    We know how they usually end….

  2. Aw, man. Tariq stole a female comedian's routine with his "Ezekial" jokes. I can't remember her name, but she did a standup bit on Netflix, I believe. She was joking about young girls thinking they're gonna get an old man to pay their bills and take them shopping while all she has to do is flash him some titties but end up getting the shit fucked out of them. LOL

  3. People act like just because a man gets old he suddenly loses all his strength…a lot of those old men are former athletes…fighters…etc…the muscle memory is still there…the energy is still there…the muscle fibers are still there. I tapped an old guy on the shoulder just the other day as I was passing him and he was solid as a wall…just like my dad and uncles…they may not have the testosterone they had in their youth…but the muscle and experience is still there…even if it's under a layer of fat…old men can still be very formidable, unless they are facing crippling health issues. In fact they can be more dangerous than young guys because most people will underestimate them…not knowing they may be some marital arts black belt…or former D1 athlete, military man or former high level boxer/fighter. Also they can be dangerous because young guys will fight for ego…maybe draw out a fight…puff up their chest…get loud…old guys don't have time or the energy for that…they might just knock you out or worse just kill you and be done with it…some of them are too old or crazy to give a damn.

  4. My father hit me once on the arm when I was about 14. He was an older man when I was born. One pop was all it took to put me in check. That Old Angry Black Man stremf. I was not about to challenge him further to get my jaw broke.

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