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Strength Coach Dane Miller breaks down the Best Exercise For Old Man Strength that you should train if you’re older.

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8:58 Is it REALLY the Best Exercise?

Garage Strength Sports Performance is the premier gym in the United States for Olympic Weightlifting, Football, Wrestling, and many more where hundreds of the nation’s best collegiate, post-collegiate, and high school athletes train.

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  1. I like this. But I would guess you know it would be very wise to train in flexibility. I'm 70 and the martial arts have served me extremely well. Th force and the range of motion with the dynamic tension created on you're core and eye had coordination along with reflex are essential to staying healthy and alert. One should aspire to the whole package..

  2. Hi, this is really good and very helpful. Unfortunately, disability means I can't walk backwards safely, even with my sticks. But I may try pushing something! Just one little comment. I do not want to be picky but the word "eccentric" is pronounced with a hard initial sound – "eksentric", not "eesentric". Check with a good dictionary. Wiktionary has some samples of people saying it, from the US as well as elsewhere. It is a trivial thing, but every time I hear it I want to correct them. Sorry.

  3. I’ve been doing the “dead mill” and it is working to rehab my knee. Dead mill is pushing the belt on a powered off treadmill backward. Count the number of times the belt seam comes around to know how far you’ve gone

  4. I am 67 and a trainer talked me into pulling a sled. A day later I was in bed with the most painful sciatica you can imagine. The only pain that even came close was having kidney stones. Sciatica had me bedridden for three weeks before I could get up and move around.

  5. Interesting point of view. I would rather like to see some research that tests the differences between sled work and the correct use of full range movements under load, to ascertain if what you suggest is indeed the case. As you well know, most new exercises that are not noticeably painful from the start, will always produce some level of beneficial change. Whether this is optimal or not, remains to be seen. Running or walking barefoot on a beach articulates the angle of the foot throughout all of its planes, whilst the different density of sand types splays the toes and arches of the foot, releasing tension and opening spaces between all the foot bones, thereby both softening and strengthening the feet. Healthy joints for anyone means developing strength and mobility all in the same movement, not separately. Rock Climbing is by far the best exercise system for this. The great thing about climbing is that a client cannot over exert themselves. They can only climb within their current range of fitness. It also develops tremendous mental stamina and thoroughly tests your Bullshit meter due to the fear of falling. I have seen men in their 70's and 80's scale rocks that novices in their 20's are too afraid to climb due to the fear exposure produces. Other than Special Forces work, I have yet to find another system that stimulates the bodymind as much as multi-pitch climbing. If you live in the USA contact Ron Kauk he's a Rock legend, he will show you the way….

  6. Agree the sled is a great exercise. But as time goes on, the user need to keep in mind the exercise is only as beneficial as the degree of progress with heavier weights and quicker pulls add a bit more to the degree of difficulty. That's what EXERCISE should always be about. Not just walking through the process but with a mind to push, push, push, push, through your own personal limitations. The end result is the real result of EXERCISE.

  7. I have knee problems. And I drag hay bales everyday to feed some of my cattle. My long drag is 30 yards. I usually drag drag 2 bales (about 240#). I drop 1 bale at 20 yards. And it is on grass and dirt, not smooth ground. I do this twice daily.

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