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The elusive and often mysterious factor of old man strength is something that is very real across all sports and strength disciplines. In this video we will unpack what exactly it means to have old man strength.


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Old Man Strength - Old Man strength & why you want it

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  1. I've beat gym-rats around my weight many times. Not just always on the first pull either. Usually they want to jump in when you've already done a couple rounds. I love seeing them blown away wondering how the hell they can't win haha!

  2. Soo good. I am 61 and my son is 32. I am heavier but he has been armwrestling for a couple of years on the table. I have always done fun armwrestling in pubs or kitchen table ec. He started winning after a year but within a few months of me training, I'm suddenly beating him. Many years of construction work and clay work in our pottery have built some tough old sinew! I think it's great that older guys can compete with their younger mates and sons!

  3. I used to arm wrestle my dad all the time. I never beat him until he was 70 and I was 35 even though I worked out with weights all the time. In Cuba, his profession was as a butcher and he was also a baseball player and boxer. He passed away at 90 a few years ago.

  4. This is absolutely the best video you have made. That's just my opinion but man I love this kind of stuff. Very very interesting. Loved the interview. I really like Todd BTW. Would love to have a long chat with him. Lots of knowledge. I respect his experience very much.

  5. 19 min in one sentence – tendons and mainly ligaments. The tendons and expecialy ligaments are what it need years of training. Thats most regular non athletes can not understand correctly. Armwrestling is not any different from other sport. Ask some acrobat how it goes. Their moves are 99% unnatural like armwrestling. For example i was top tier breakdancer…same think. Muscles are gained or recovered fast. But if you loss your ligaments and tendons its over. You can not apply power in some unnatural directions since these directions need advanced adaptations of the ligaments and that takes years. Some may ask how many?. It`s about like lets say 3-5 years to develop some strong ligaments and tendons if you use your power in unnatural directions. Also this directions is much more prone to injuries since the body is not constructed to apply power in these directions. For example armwresling side pressure. Your arm was never designed for that…. for some acrobats – handstands, balances, dynamic acrobat moves etc etc. Moves that your body was never design to do. You need technique and ligament adaptations. Nobody was born spining or appying side pressure.

  6. Old-man strength can be related to the difference in tenderness between a steak from an old cow vs one from a young cow. The old steak is surely harder to chew and contains more of the hard, thick gristle veins.

  7. Ryan im a member of team london ont. can. and old man strength is real ,i farmed all my life .so did my dad he was strong ,he beat all his friends armwrestling,i started on the farm at 6 helping with hay and choirs, i had to keep up and prove my self, i beat him at the age of 14 and now at 62 im stronger on the table then ever ,just ask crazy george ,i dont know why but from 50 to 60 i have still gained muscle mass, the only thing is recovery time , much longer and OMG the aches and pains LOL .

  8. Steroid accumulation along with cellular memory from it. Just had to look at Todd's bloodshot eyes during the match to see the stress he puts on his body at his tender years. Recipe for bad bad things to happen.

    Your body shuts down at a certain age to preserve itself from damage it can't repair anymore as it used too. Old man strength is just a stupid saying.

    Where are the 50 year old Olympic powerlifters? Zero.

    Good video format keep it up.

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