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Old Man Strength – Old Man Strength On The Drums ("Killing In The Name" Cover)

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Who’s that bearded guy playing Rage Against The Machine’s “Killing In The Name”?

It’s none other than Old Man Falk, taking a break from yelling at ‘those dang kids’ on his porch. He’s tired. He’s been posting drum videos online for almost 20 years now!

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Old Man Strength - Old Man Strength On The Drums ("Killing In The Name" Cover)

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  1. Rage with the machine with the support of multinational, billion dollar corporations against people who want the machine to fuck off and leave them alone. BTW the machine is the US federal government and corporate media spreading the machines propaganda. So fuck the machine and don’t do what they tell you.

  2. I hate YouTube drummers I will never go on YouTube and say look at me how cool I am you're never going to learn anything if you get on this what do you prefer stuck in a room being on YouTube or being in a real band and experience the real thing about playing music like I have I will never do this never it's a bad habit plus you'll won't get anywhere oh wait a minute yeah if you subscribe he makes more money f*** you experience the real thing buddy what a poser I'm sick of utube drummers they can go to hell I'm so burned-out on this s*** for real everybody does this I glad I lower myself to this level.. I did this when I first started in the garage I don't want to be stuck in the garage on my life doing this or a studio music room experience to be a real drummer not this s***

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