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Can you get stronger as you get older? Can you get Old Man Strength? Strength Coach Dane Miller breaks down his favorite exercises that people over the age of 40 should focus on when training in the weight room.

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Old Man Strength - How To Get STRONGER As You Get OLDER

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  1. You are not old. You are in your prime. Just wait it gets much, much, much, harder maintaining your strength once you hit 50 and even worse when you hit 60. You can't even give people at this age advise at your age. I couldn't have even imagined how hard it is. You have to work twice as hard to get 1/3 the results. One hint I just learned about a year ago if you plan to run several miles a week and maintain your twice as rigorous weight training schedule to get 1/3 the results always wear compression clothing and sprain wraps on your knees with knee socks and braces. Also a light brace on your back. You will have to change your positions on your lifts about every 5 to 10 years because your body doesn't bend the same way because of atrophy and arthritis. People ask me how do you get so ripped? Right after I about puke I tell them you just don't know what I used to look like. It makes me sick to look in the mirror any more.

  2. Dude, at 37 I was squating 405 for 20 on a down set. Getting old happens if your lucky but 37 is still prime years. I am 53 now and still trying to lifting heavy…..Trying….but it's getting tough!…Pushing up weights till I am pushing up daisy's!…

  3. 35? old? 68, don't lift heavy anymore but do HIIT, martial arts, sprints, weights, bands, isometrics ,yoga, meditation. Just have to work smarter Know your body, rest days when needed. And of course good nutrition

  4. You don't know what old is. lol. When I was in my thirties I was still doing everything I did when I was young. I'm 62 now and still lift every day. My biggest problem is shoulder injury I had 30 years ago. I tore something. Now I can't bench or really work my chest or medial delts that hard.

  5. Notice this is ALL upper body work (typical), NO explosive training, NO lower body, training, NO core work, etc. And gentlemen, this is how you stay old by neglecting other parts of your muscles in your body and performance.

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