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Strength training for older guys requires a different approach to exercise and muscle building.
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As our bodies age, our joints and metabolism change, which means our strategies for exercising and muscle building over 40 must also change. When strength training at the gym, avoid exercises that cause you pain or potential injury. We’ll discuss how you should be working out in your 40s, 50s, and 60s, and how you should be eating and supplementing your diet.

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5 Principles of Exercise and Muscle Building Over 40
(0:55) Use Safe, Joint-Friendly Exercises
(2:50) Proper Volume vs. Frequency
(6:26) Use Progressive Resistance
(8:04) Prioritize Recovery
(10:45) Use Smart Supplements

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  1. Some useful information there. I think you missed out on the most important aspect of muscle building. Do each set to failure or 1-2 reps short of failure. Most people don't understand progressive overload. I am 63 years old, and recently benched 11 x reps of 275 pounds.

  2. I’m turning 35 in August 2020
    But I already feel like I should incorporate training like this because of injuries and time etc. (Trying to get pregnant with my wife now)
    Is it too early to start training this way? I noticed my body responds well to full body or upper lower
    Thanks for your channel

  3. So, I'm 43yrs old and I started the Mon,Wed, Fri work-out routine
    …BUT, I'm still kinda struggling with what my work-out is.
    Even tho I'm already feeling a big, positive difference, I still feel
    like i'm missing something.
    SO, just to clarify…doing a full-body work-out means I only have
    to do ONE type of leg work-out (like squats) then move on to one
    type of biceps, then back, or triceps, etc. etc.
    …or do I want to hit that muscle a couple different ways?
    (keeping in mind, I don't wanna spend all morning at the gym)
    I'm basically still trying to nail down a solid work-out plan, as
    I am a little all over the place right now, lol.
    I'm going to be hitting the gym here in a few mins, and right now
    my work-out looks like this… (heavy weight, low reps)
    25mins – treadmill
    3 to 4 sets of squats
    3 sets of standing bicep curls (straight bar)
    3 sets of Skull-crushers (triceps – curling bar)
    3 sets of external rotation with cables (shoulders – pulling outward, and then 3 sets inward)
    3 sets of bench-press (chest- flat bench)
    3 sets of incline bench (chest &shoulders)
    3 sets of bentover dumbbell single arm rows (back)
    Mat exercises – stretches, 3 sets of planks, glute bridges (whatever they're called)

  4. Very good, informative video, thank you.
    My only suggestions for your supplement list, I would add "DHEA" which will help the body regulate and normalize low T Levels, as well as vitamin K and a good Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM supplement which are good for helping and improving bone and joint health.

  5. I guess Arnold stopped adding to the bar – I don't think he can do what he used to. But guys who were doing sets with 300+ pounds who kept adding a few pounds, by the time they got into their 60's they were doing a thousand?

  6. Another great video! I love the tips, exercises, and supplements you recommend for guys over 40. I'm definitely going to pass these tips to my dad. He's looking to get fit. I'm definitely going to recommmend your channel for him to get started.

  7. My dad has arthritis and he's having a hard time keeping up with his exercise routine because of all the pain. I'm going to send him this video so that he can find some good, safe exercises for his joint problems. Thanks for the helpful video!

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