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Old Man Strength – Shaq on Jerry West and his “old man strength”

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Shaquille O’Neal recalls going on a tear after a Lakers loss in the NBA Finals and being put in his place by Jerry West.

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Old Man Strength - Shaq on Jerry West and his “old man strength”

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  1. You gotta love Shaq,he's really a great role model and a very generous guy. It also sounds like his military man father did a great job in schooling Shaq. His dad it appears left a lasting impression on Shaq that lasts to this very day. It just goes to show you how important a father is in a household where kids are to be raised. I believe his father made the difference in Shaq becoming a great player and person. His pops should be given all the credit, a truly respected and fine man

  2. I have always liked Shaq and has he has matured, have grown to really respect him. Growing up I watched Jerry West play and was a monster fan. Then was stunned as he became one of the best executives in the NBA. No one says anything bad about West. He cares about the game, he cares about excellence, he cares about integrity, he cares about winning, but mostly he cares about people. And the people know it. And respond.

  3. Many people respond well to authoritative leaders. Modern education doesn't allow authoritative male leaders anymore. Many children won't meet their potential partially because of this. Brought out the best in Shaq.

  4. Well I can't speak on how strong West was, but I saw a video of him at 35 years old doing a standing jump and touching the top of the square on the backboard. Strange I've never seen any footage of him dunking, but he's so practical he probably thought it was a waste of energy or something.

  5. Old man strength is a real thing. My dad was a steel worker for 30 plus years. Would lift 60 lb plates by hand 50-60 times per day. He also boxed semi pro. When he was 59 some young guy, 29 years old, was harassing my dad and mom. My dad warned him but he kept going. He ended up lunging at my dad who clocked him and knocked him out. Cops showed up and were laughing at the 29 year old while they took him away. The senior coo on the scene asked my dad how old he was and when my dad told him he couldn’t believe it. Lol. I got whooped plenty aS well. His hands were like bricks.

  6. My dad is going on 50 now and he was insanely strong when he was younger. I mean bent a steel bar, break things because he didn’t know his own strength type of strong. He’s had stopped working out a lot cuz of COVID and he lost like his “lifting” strength but he DID NOT lose like whatever regular strength is I mean he didn’t just get this strength from working out for years it was he was doing mechanical work, shoveling, lifting heavy things, washing cars like back breaking work. I went back home from college and I shit you not, while I was helping him change the oil the car I drove up the ramps and one side was a little on the edge. This dude moved the car to fit the ramps he basically picked it up and moved it an inch like it was the most jaw dropping thing I’ve ever seen and I’m a physics major so I did the whole math with the weight of the car how far he had to push it and shi like that and my calculations came out to like 600 pounds of force needed it sum like that it was insane

  7. Jerry West was my hero, class is what I remember about those losses, at 10 years old I could see it was killing him inside. The man earned MVP of the finals in s losing effort, I cannot imagine that will happen again ever.

  8. Love Shaq for his tremendous character! He respects authority and that's something that everyone must do. He has embraced this trait from his youth and excelled in life because of it. His ability to humble himself under those in authority is a Biblical principal that when acted upon promises blessings.

  9. Shaq was afraid of Jerry West's old man strength.

    But Wilt was stronger. Wilt shaked Shaq's hand and jerked Shaq.

    1 time Wilt slinged A 280 lb basketball across court by using 1 arm.
    A player named Embry or something.

    Wilt's team mates and the opposing team can collaborate that story and have done so.

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