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Old Man’S Garage – Crew Cab Square Body Goes to LS Fest East! (Cat Farm)

Pots Crew Cab Square Body Goes to LS Fest East! (Cat Farm) on the topic of Old Man’S Garage You’re getting a lot of attention, aren’t you? !!
Today, let’s Canadian Orange Historical Site learn about Crew Cab Square Body Goes to LS Fest East! (Cat Farm) in today’s post!

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BONUS CONTENT! Time to dust off the cat farm crew cab, our beloved 74′ chevrolet 3+3, and cruise it over to LS Fest East. I’ve never been to one of these, so I brought you with!

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Old Man'S Garage - Crew Cab Square Body Goes to LS Fest East! (Cat Farm)

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  1. ATTENTION – any user claiming to be me or VGG is a scam! Do not text, telegram, or email these people. There is no "winner", "gift", or "giveaway". Also, revivals have not gone anywhere. End of September / October will be the biggest months in history.

  2. Oh man this opened with the triggeringest thing ever for me. When I was a kid at high school a girl was using the buff in the metal shop, and her long hair got caught in the mop and it ripped a big chunk of her scalp off. Jessica, you have beautiful hair and it should stay on your head. Please tie your hair back when using the grinder. Y'all can call me "Safety Sally" all you like, and it's true because I'm a qualified OHS Safety Rep. Be a shame if anything happened that could be avoided with a simple bandana.

  3. . Please do not let that little girl, use the grinder, standing one foot away, with four feet of hair, not tied back, and put out of the way . If you want views, and respect from me, your going to have to earn it . a grinder is nothing, that she wants to play with . gb* ~ hard life (MULDEW)

  4. Derek, I'm not a crazy shop safety nut but please give the wife a rubber band for her hair when using the wire wheel. You know how fast a just a few strands of hair in that spinning wire wheel will end in disaster and what her face will look like after it's pulled in and how big a chunk of hair will be torn from the scalp. Have a great trip, we're all looking forward to videos of the weekend.

  5. While the 'revival' video is what originally drew me to your channel, I do love it when you pack up the boss and the tax breaks and head off on an adventure. A feller (or fellette) would point out that this is a good example of just what I'm jibber-jabbing about…

  6. Wouldn't tell a guy what to do with his rig, but Dad,Id run that setup Bentley put together for ya forever if I were you. Love VGG and VGL but Im missin me some Little Grips Garage..whens the next one comin out little fellers?

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