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Old Man’S Garage – *OLD MAN REACTS* Nova Rockafeller – "DID YOUR BEST" *REACTION*

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Old Man'S Garage - *OLD MAN REACTS* Nova Rockafeller - "DID YOUR BEST" *REACTION*

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  1. My Mom and I have never had the best relationship(kicked out and assaulted at 15) but started trying to rebuild about 5yrs ago. The first time i heard this song it helped me put some perspective and understanding thoughts to some things. This and Tom's song Cancer has been on loop for a few months since my mom's diagnosis 5 months ago, we still aren't super close but it's the best we have ever had. This song by Nova helped me in a therapeutic way that years of actual therapy just couldn't do.

  2. Love your reaction as always!

    This song always chokes me up, there a wonderful message of understanding, appreciation and forgiveness there but also the stories are so hard to hear <3
    Especially as they are based on Nova’s real experiences <3

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