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Old Man’S Garage – 6 Car Buying Rampage – Gas Monkey Garage & Richard Rawlings

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The master wheeler and dealer is BACK! With a bunch of space ready to be filled after the Gas Monkey auction, Richard Rawlings has a hit list of cars he wants for his new collection.

What will he fill his next collection with? Watch and see!

– 1994 SUPRA

If you are interested in any of these cars and want to make one or all of ’em yours, send us an email at Info@GasMonkeyGarage.com

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Old Man'S Garage - 6 Car Buying Rampage - Gas Monkey Garage & Richard Rawlings

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  1. This sounds like an old man story but whatever, I saved all my coin at 15, my Dad helped me order a 1979 Pontiac Sunbird, no air, all black on black, and I enjoyed it for several years until it was totaled in a wreck from a couple running a red light. It only had the “iron duke” four cyclinder…could not afford the V8 option, and it might have had 100 rwp….I wish I still had it. Used to pretend it had a/c when trying to impress girls in traffic. I live in the jungle here in Louisiana. No idea how I survived without air all those years but it was so great to have a new car at 15. 3k total price with tax in 1978.

  2. beutiful gold ferrari you alwayas want to see duct tape holding shit up on a pinto bean did not sound too bad you stole that pinto bean naaaaaaaaaaaat paint it a deep rich burgandy gold accents wow nice black beuty dam no v12 real cool old ford for 42 grand yaaaa check that super supra out

  3. Here in Ireland you can pick up a Good Toyota Supra for about €15000 there is no way I whould pay $44000. Just because you have lots of money it doesn't make you smart I think it make you Dumb your going to be $50000+ into it after fees and shipping

  4. I’m saying forget modding, forget life changing upgrades/repairs because these processes will probably end up altering there actual historic value!

    Just get scientifically cleaning the heck out of them! Hard to reach areas, chemically clear discoloured metals and replenish with nourishment as you go.

    AMMO NYC (YouTube channel) is the main when it comes to doing this.


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