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In this video, This Old House carpenter Nathan Gilbert helps a homeowner upgrade her curb appeal by replacing her old garage door.

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Carpenter Nathan Gilbert makes a house call to help a homeowner replace her overhead garage door. After explaining some of the safety concerns to be aware of, Nathan and the homeowner get to work removing the existing garage door one section at a time.

Difficulty: ⅗
Cost: $600 to $3000, depending on the door, size, and material
Time: 6 hours

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Shims [
Garage door hinge and bracket kit [
Garage door rollers [
Vinyl trim [

Tape measure [
Quick-clamp [
Wrench set [
Socket set [
Impact driver with socket adapter [
Worktable [
Level [
Miter saw [
Brad nailer [

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How to Replace a Garage Door | Ask This Old House

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  1. Rarely do projects like this go as smoothly as this one. I'm in the middle of changing my own old door panels with new ones and have a lot of questions and issues. I've learned more about garage door installation than I ever wanted to know but not enough to finish the project. It would have been helpful to know why the roller brackets are different sizes (as was pointed out by the homeowner) and which tube the roller goes into if there are two, and if the installer explained the difference between the two types of top brackets that he had to swap out. My rudimentary understanding is that the new replacement bracket was for a standard track and the original bracket that he ended up using was for a low overhead track.

  2. Some observations need to be addressed. What about the fact that they had to raise the door on the facing right side and that left a gap. Did they install the bottom moulding to make a seal? A sloped drive like that and no drail will potentially funnel water into the garage. Secondly, thieves know to reach in at the top and hook the release pull rope. Always install a barrier to prevent this.

  3. As a professional garage door service tech/installer/salesman, there are so many things wrong in this video. From not measuring the opening height, measuring the headroom, not changing out the springs, not changing out the pulleys, using the wrong bottom fixtures. Actually, that about sums it up. But know something, you will not be that clean when done installing a garage door.

  4. I get this was an abbreviated video. There can be different ways to install a garage door and still be correct and function properly, but there are wrong ways to install as well. This video shows many wrong installation techniques. TOH really?

  5. This guy is not a garage door technician. First of all you didn’t change the track second of all he has the wrong bottom brackets on the door which are going to make the cable either fray and break or start cutting into the track poor lady wasted a lot of money and now has to have it fixed properly lol. Call Global Discount Door to get it done correctly! Good old Internet garbage in garbage out

  6. If you're a homeowner and you're watching this and thinking you can do it don't this they did everything wrong in this video. I own a garage door company and been doing this 10+ years this is dangerous please just call a professional.

  7. Do not pay attention to this video. It is very wrong. TOH should remove it immediately before somebody hurts themselves or somebody else. The opener is installed wrong it will damage the top of the door, The cables are installed in a way that they will fail, hopefully not while the door is open and cause the door to come down like a 130lbs guillotine. Hopefully not on somebody or their car.

  8. This video was bullsh*t.

    I've been a garage door professional for the past 11 years.
    The hardware shown in the video could not function. Not that it wouldn't work properly, but it wouldn't work at all.
    Never replace an old wooden door with a new steel (not vinyl, this was a triple layer steel door) and reuse the old track. Modern doors use a different offset from the old wood doors and will bind into the wooden frame. Also when you purchase a new door with the PROPER track, you will have the correct hardware.

    Speaking of hardware… one of the reasons the door could not function, as they showed him installing it, is the door came with inside bottom brackets. Low headroom track (the double track set) can only hold the pulleys outside the track. He ran the cable from inside to outside of the track. The door would never have closed.
    The bearings were completely shot on the pulleys the video showed him using. They were grinding steel on steel, and the door could not run smoothly (even after using the proper bottom brackets.)

    Basically through movie magic (someone fixed all his mistakes, other than leaving the old track) all his errors disappeared leaving a short tidy video full of horrible advice.

  9. I’ve been in the garage door industry for 29 years. This door was incorrectly installed in many different ways. I’ve seen the comments about the springs. The track should have been changed also. The top brackets were incorrect because they were for the track that would have came standard with the door. It should have been ordered with the correct low headroom track so it could have been changed also. The cables were incorrectly installed. The way that they were installed will make the cables fray very quickly. I’m very disappointed in Ask This Old House for putting out this type of work and have lost confidence in the things that they tell people to do. You should have had a professional do this work not someone that does not know what they are doing.

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