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Kevin O’Connor lends a hand to the garage door expert with his crew installing a steel insulated door

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A 16-foot steel insulated door gets installed starting with the bottom panel going into the tracks. Springs hold the weight of the door and get connected to the belt motor for a quiet opening and closing.

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How to Install a Steel Insulated Garage Door | This Old House

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Old Man'S Garage - How to Install a Steel Insulated Garage Door | This Old House

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  1. Great video. Only negative thing I have is when you don't have wood overlay OR the correct spacing the bottom caps rub the jams (or framing however you chose to word it).. (also their a good company because they will use the double horizontal for optimal spacing and better overall roll) and you'll be buying a bottom cap every few years or so. Great install and video!!

  2. I wish that company would come by our Gestapo HOA and convince them to replace our outdated wood swing up doors. I've been asking for over a decade and heard every excuse they could think of. There are 200+ units here and I would think a garage door company could offer a huge discount to homeowners for these many installs.

  3. I replaced the springs on my door. In this video the torsion is being applied opposite to what I had to do. Now, maybe they're releasing some overtorque, I dunno. Also the pulleys appear to be outside the plates on the left and right ends. Maybe it's a new style of pulley that cranks up the door like a motorcycle throttle up. Hmmmm. Makes me wonder if there's more maintenance required with the pulley. Crazy new styles. It looks like there are two tracks at the top because the top door panel is bigger? "This old house?" More like "High maintenance house." But curb appeal is there for people who don't know what they're getting into.

  4. So they are installing an insulated door to keep the garage warm. Am I the only one wondering why they wouldn't use 2 single doors so they don't lose as much heat when they don't need both sides open? We have 2 doors and almost never open both at the same time when it is cold out.

  5. Federal regulations and the UL 325 standard require the infrared beams to trip with a 6 inch obstruction – so they sensors must be less than 6 inches off the slab. Its illegal to sell a non-UL 325 compliant opener in the US. So this install fails. Read the install instructions. Ooops….. 🙁

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