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Old Man’S Garage – OUR $58,000 MISTAKE 🚫 storytime

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So…. I don’t know if you remember me saying in one of my GRWM videos a couple of years back about how I had something that would make a GREAT storytime video… but we finally feel ready to tell the story! A few years ago I bought my nana and grandad a house to live in that would be closer to the city and closer to family, the hospital etc. They had since passed on and we decided to rent the house out, so we could keep the home in our family! Our home was in a lovely neighbourhood, with good neighbours and just overall had a lovely vibe. Listen along to see the ‘horrors’ unfold…. make sure you listen carefully if you have, or are planning on having, any rental properties too! xox
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Old Man'S Garage - OUR $58,000 MISTAKE 🚫 storytime

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  1. Mind blowing how strict NZ is on rental rules! I am from Florida, and we had squatters, doing all the same sketchy drug stuff, move into my grandfathers after he passed and they had more rights than my family who owned the house. Cops wouldn’t even allow my family, the owners, inside the house because the squatters had right to privacy!!!! After two years of squatting (no payment, multiple people in and out, and destroying the property) we finally got them out. I wish Florida would have more rules to protect property owners!

  2. Omg I so feel for you, it’s so stressful dealing with issues like this. We had a customer (of our business) ghost us and owed over $20k. He was still living the highlife and yet we’d just had a baby and desperately needed this money. Thanks for sharing this(and Porter)

  3. Oh wow this story caused me such anxiety! I was like 'NO Hamish, don't go in there!!!!". What a soul destroying experience, people are miserable. Maybe the $2.75 million that our government gave to the gangs will help with the meth rehabilitation… maybe not XD

  4. What a nightmare ! So sorry this happened. The part that shocked me the most was how much responsibility was put on you guys as the landlords to deal with it mostly yourselves and potentially putting yourselves in danger. Hamish has a lot of patience and handled the whole thing very well.

  5. I'm so sorry that this happened to you. It's awful that a home that you have memories with your grandparents was damaged by such horrible people. I'm glad that Hammish is ok after being exposed, meth is EXTREMELY addictive and damaging.

  6. I'm in the US & it's rampant here also… I'm currently almost 4 years clean from meth & you're absolutely right. It doesn't discriminate & it ruins everything for you. I've lived in so many houses that are SO nice but everyone inside is doing meth, I've seen so many parents lose their entire relationships with their kids bc they can't get or stay clean…. it's so horrible…. I'm so sorry this happened to you guys

  7. That's such a shit situation for you guys to have to go through. I guess there goes your entire rent for the year then, just paying for their damage and their bad choices. I wonder if you guys have any ability to get the police to follow up with them or if the insurance company chases them for reimbursement? Meth is freaking everywhere. It's hard to trust people but what more can you do? I guess like current or previous employer references, landlords, etc but anyone can fake all of that like you said. I guess like other comments are saying property management businesses can deal with it all and I wonder if maybe property management companies could be liable for those kinda costs if they fail to notice it?
    I found out someone a few years back got a job they were not qualified for as they provided email reference for a job title at a company – which they had made a fake email account and responded to employment questions themselves. They weren't on drugs as far as I know, but they were eventually found to have lied about many many things. It's scary what lengths people will go to, either they feel entitled or they're just desperate and will tell any lie to get their way.

  8. This is absolutely nuts! I can tell you that in Canada we have very similar tenancy rules. Have no idea how we handle the meth situation here. I agree that you need to keep proper records when it comes to tenancy. It really, really pisses me off that you guys had to go thru so much to get these people out and had to spend so much of your own money. I actually do bookkeeping for a rental company and I can tell you he has no fun when a tenant cannot pay their rent. He is more than forgiving for a lot of things, especially during covid. It seems like the tenants have more rights then the landlord and sometimes it works out, but mostly it does not.

  9. As a tenant this super bums me out. Yes I'm saving to buy but need somewhere to live in the mean time. You're the kind of landlords I'd love, relaxed enough to understand if you still have some dirty clothes in your laundry but care about your property enough that you would have actually fix things if I reported them as being broken and not be put off by our dogs. I'm super bummed this experience happened and put you off.

  10. You guys seem like you would’ve been great landlords, it is really sad that some selfish person had to ruin the opportunity for you and for a different deserving family. Hopefully you got a good sale price for the house that at least made up for the out of pocket costs. Crappy situation all around, especially since it was your grandparents house ☹️

  11. A family member rented a new house to what appeared to be a nice couple. They trashed the house and left dogs in it after they moved out. The husband was with law enforcement. My family member told them to come back and get the dogs, clean and repair the house or she would report them. They did but were not nice about it. You just never know about people.

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