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Palms Funeral Home – Epic DIY garden transformation with FAKE plants 😳

Pots Epic DIY garden transformation with FAKE plants 😳 on the topic of Palms Funeral Home You’re getting a lot of attention, aren’t you? !!
Today, let’s Canadian Orange Historical Site learn about Epic DIY garden transformation with FAKE plants 😳 in today’s post!

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Introduce about Epic DIY garden transformation with FAKE plants 😳

Epic DIY garden transformation with FAKE plants 😳

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Palms Funeral Home - Epic DIY garden transformation with FAKE plants 😳

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  1. Looks great! I would like to know how you are liking them a year later? How long did they hold up? Any fading? I went to your Amazon page and saw the ones you used. Any update would be helpful. Also, how many stems did you buy to get the look you have here?

  2. What you've achieved in your garden is absolutely gorgeous! I've got a few artificial topiary balls and some fake flowers in planters and watching your video has given me inspiration on what to do next in my garden. Thanks from the UK.

  3. I have these exact flowers
    I got on Amazon and I redid my front porch entry. I thought I have fake wreath that looks awesome and real plants that I need to keep watering moving into and out of direct linger. I have to keep dead heading flowers to keep looking postcard pretty
    Till I gave up and redid all my pots with fake flowers
    Wish I could post pic but it is gorgeous
    And from street people see real flowers. From walking into house, they are their so brief that they don’t notice they are fake!

  4. Thank you, I have a rocky front yard and it is hard to grow anything that will last…I have been thinking about fake plants since i seen some in a lady yard during these last yrs. The only reason that I knew her flowers were fake, was that the flowers were still in bloom during the cold winter months and did not change its beauty….fake it until you can make it happen for real…or if you can not deal with the bees and other insects than plastic sounds good to me…The two of you should be blessed. STAY RESPECTFUL AND KIND TO EACH OTHER BECAUSE OUR CHILDREN LISTENS AND WATCHES EVERYTHING WE SAY AND DO, EVEN WHEN YOU THINK THAT THEY ARE ASLEEP AND IS NOT LISTENING….IT IS GOOD TO SEE YOU ARE TEACHING YOUR YOUNG BOY THE VALUE OF MONEY AND HOW TO USE IT…

  5. I am here because my HOA and landscaping company decided to cut down my really gorgeous 15 foot Areca palms from my backyard pool enclosure the outside. So I am not going to spend any money on anything else that they might cut down, so I’m trying to come up with creative ideas for inside the pool cage lining the pool… So I think I’m going to follow your lead and do some thing like this block out neighbors

  6. Wow! I'm inspired to use fake flowers now! I've been beating myself up trying to plant Annuals with all kinds of specialized fertilizers to make them bloom bigger and stay longer… I never once thought about fake flowers! Thank you for posting this! I'm going to start my research immediately!

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