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Professional daredevils have all kinds of reasons for performing insane stunts. Maybe they just like the thrill of danger, maybe they feel like they have something to prove to the world, or maybe they just want to prove something to themselves. Regardless, some daredevils have taken it too far and attempted stunts that sadly ended in their deaths. They may have even taken every necessary safety precaution, but something they couldn’t have predicted caused it to go wrong. From the “MythBusters” star who tried to break a world record to the only fatality in X Games history, let’s take a look at some seriously insane stunts that people sadly didn’t survive.

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Mike Hughes’ Rocket | 0:00
Jessi Combs broke records | 1:44
Caleb Moore’s X Games stunt | 2:39
Uli Emanuele’s base jump | 3:48
Angela Madsen’s fatal row | 4:46

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Pizza Hut Forest Hill - Seriously Insane Stunts That People Sadly Didn't Survive

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  2. Jessi Combs didn't set the Landspeed record for a four wheeled vehicle though. That record was set and still held by Richard Noble. Back in 1983 Richard Noble hit 650.88mph in the Thrust2 car. I think the guy narrating this video meant to say Jessi Combs is the record holder for fastest 'woman' in a four wheeled vehicle, not fastest ever. Even if she had hit her target of 619mph she still wouldn't have beat Richard Noble's record on four wheels.

  3. With all due respect there is something bitter sweet about someone leaving this world doing their thing. My hats off to these brave souls they dared to be great. Say what you will but I admire them. Wide open throttle into the next world. MAKE A HARD LEFT FOR DALE! Rip guys

  4. Anyone with even half a working brain would realize the earth is flat, there's no example of water curving around a ball , that's why it's called WATERLEVEL not water curve, earth is not a floating ball in space, it's a flat plane. If gravity was strong enough to hold trillions of tons of water to a curved ball , we would not be able to get off our backs, it would crush us to dust, people believe the earth is around ball because they begin the brainwashing before we can think for ourselves and then we just never question it, you ask what's the point, it's to hide God, to make us believe there's nothing special about us that's it just one big accident, instead of knowing we are at the center of the universe and everything moves around us not the other way around

  5. I remember in January of 1985 at the Thrill Show, in Houston, a stuntman died by trying to recreate going over Niagara Falls in a barrel. He was hoisted up a hundred feet or so at the center of the Astrodome, then dropped into a fiberglass tank holding water. He clipped the side of the tank and the foam floating in the water did little to break the surface tension. I remember when they opened the barrel, I could see blood….quite a site for a young teenager. Later in the show we were informed he had died.

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