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Why do people go to Little Caesars? Well, maybe they like the food. Maybe it’s the convenience of being able to get a hot dinner quickly. But perhaps more than any other reason, you can get a pizza there for very little money. Sure, the price of a Hot-N-Ready increased from $5 to $5.55 recently, but that’s still really cheap compared to other pizza options out there.

How do they manage to make a profit with such low-price offerings? Ingredients are part of the equation, but there are other factors at play, too. We did some digging, and we finally know why Little Caesars pizza is so cheap.

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Pizza Hut Indianapolis - We Finally Know Why Little Caesars Pizza Is So Cheap

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  1. Not in the high desert they’re close to 10 bucks for a pepperoni I went in and when they told me the price for one pepperoni I said I’m sorry I didn’t order two they laughed and said no that’s the price for one .. I thought I was in the twilight zone .. where’s the 5 dollar pizza at so I ended up driving a little more to a place where they gave me two pizza, wings, bread sticks with a salad and soda for 25 bucks.. called golden pizza. I was wondering why little Caesar’s wasn’t packed usually in San Bernardino they’re always packed but the times I’ve gone to the high desert ones they have no customers I still have to buy the pizza because my kid loves it but I use to buy multiple times a week versus now since we moved and prices are different we usually eat it once a month or opt out for a fancier pizza place like Fratellis pizzeria that tastes great since it’s only a couple bucks more.

  2. @2:58 the over cooking and cheese Nazi culture explains why most chains have horrid hot n nasty pizza's and like one chain or two chains in the entire state might actually make a decent pizza. Even if you order extra cheese as a topping you'd rarely get it. I have to drive 75 miles to experience a decent pie from them.

  3. I’m not a cheap skate and I usually order dominos at times but I decided to try little Caesar’s couple days ago and for a kid that only has 50 dollars a month, eating little Caesar’s is cheap snack for me and is a little bit better than Pizza Hut for me! It’s amazing and I love it

  4. My local little ceasers was adding a shit load of cheese driving more customers there was a line down the road till I guess Corpate found out and they had to stop and line went back to normal Damm that was good pizza while it latest

  5. I have eaten a few of your pizza and I was disappointed. I would say that I am eating cardboard with cheese and pepperoni on it. The sauce has no flavor and the pepperoni is almost the same. The pizza is economical it would be nice if it had more flavor.

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