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Today a special upload to ring in independence day! Another addition to our “Hot Dogs of Summer” playlist! The New Jersey Ripper dog is an homage to the hot dog of the same name that originated at what is now known as “Rutt’s Hutt” restaurant in Clifton, New Jersey! The secret is in the sauce and in the method of cooking the dogs! I know you’re going to love this one! Definitely one for your hot dog bucket list!

The ripper dog is so named due to the way the natural casing rips open during the cooking process. Not something you may find in your average hot dog shop or cart. Nope! The dogs are deep fried! Yes, I said deep fried. While this may be a little non conformist it is heavenly! The secret here is the fact that you need to source some natural casing hot dogs. Or Frankfurters. Or Weiners. Whatever you call them. A skinless dog is not going to work here and not all natural casing dogs are going to rip either.

When sourcing your sausages, you want to make sure, number one, that it is a dog with a natural casing. Yes this means that it was made in the old world style and gives a snap when bitten into. Not everyone loves this, me included, but stick with me. Because you are in for a treat. I purchased two different brands of dogs. One, uncured, natural casing all beef frankfurter by Boar’s Head. We love the brand and we often purchase these hot dogs for grilling and frying. The other brand was Hoffman’s Natural Casing German Brand Franks. They were both delicious but the latter “ripped” while the former did not. I think it’s because the Boar’s head franks were longer and thinner while the Hoffman’s were fatter. This is my only reasoning why one split while the other did not. No matter, they were both amazing!

We dropped the franks into a 375 degree, preheated deep fryer. We keep our turkey fryer in our carport. We heat it up when we are ready to fry something. We change the oil as needed, and honestly, we probably need to change it now. But that will happen. Frying a few franks was just fine. We use 100% peanut oil in our fryer. I has a great longevity and flavor. I am using a masterbuilt XL turkey fryer that we have had for a couple years and we love it! We store it by covering it with an overturned plastic bin that fits snugly so dirt and pests will not get in there. It works for us.

The franks were fried for about 3 minutes or until they began to slightly float. When they do that and you can notice splitting or “ripping” or the fact that the outer casing is bubbled, it’s time to take them out of their bath. Now time to build our ripper dogs!

A simple ripper dog, a la Rutt’s Hutt, from what I understand, is the dog, tucked into a bun topped with their special relish. I recently did a bit of research into this hot dog and I also made what I think is a very close facsimile to that secret relish recipe! In fact in the deepness of the internet, I was able to unearth a newspaper clipping from many years ago that shared Mrs. Rutt’s German Cabbage Relish recipe. So I can presume to say that I may be on to something!

These hot dogs are a throwback, to say the least. They are delicious, crisp, juicy, sweet and tangy and have everything you want in a hot dog experience. The casing ripping open allows the end user to have an extremely pleasant experience instead of struggling to snap into a sausage that may fight back, if you know what I mean!?

I hope that you will consider giving the New Jersey Ripper dog a try sometime soon and I hope you love it!

Happy Eating!

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  1. I grew up in NJ. Rutts Hutt was a family tradition. We would go sit in the dining room. Rippers, fries and a pitcher of Birch beer was a must. Amazing memories! Went back to visit recently and it was just as good. Nothing like it in Charlotte NC.

  2. Oh I am so homesick! Rutts hut is the best.. their relish is amazing! Northern NJ born and raised and now a SC transplant.. oh now I miss home every. single. day! I have been looking for the recipe forever! Thank you for posting this! ❤

  3. I am from NJ too. Which town are you from? I am originally from Union City and born in a hospital called Margaret Hague in Jersey City. I have had Rutz Hutt and it's ok but I am more a Callahan's (not sure if they are still around) or Hiram's type of hotdog person. My all time favorite is from a cart in Hoboken called Cal's that no longer exists. He had the best hotdog onions and chili ever!

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