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Planet Fitness Commack – Sears liquidation cut — Whitehall, PA #SearsClosing2019

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Introduce about Sears liquidation cut — Whitehall, PA #SearsClosing2019

This is a uncut tour of Sears at the Whitehall Mall.
Doomie goes to Sears — Liquidation cut

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Planet Fitness Commack - Sears liquidation cut — Whitehall, PA #SearsClosing2019

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  1. watching this I think about all the hours I spent at this Sears with my Grandfather back in the day. He would always be looking at the Craftsman tools while I was in the toy section – and when I was 7-10, Sears was the leader in having the newest Star Wars toys. Nostalgia-wise, its sad to see it go. But to be honest, I was only in the there maybe twice in the last 15 years of its existence.

  2. so happy you were able to do a video of sears before it closes for good. i was actually going to work there but i didn't want to be on register with my back pain so i work at lehigh valley mall. i feel sorry for all the employees to be out of a job soon and i hope they all find something soon.

  3. Well Kmart seems to attract a much larger crowd than Sears with these closures. Those mattresses are pricey and they would need to take 90% off before I would consider one. One true fact is in the beginning of store closings the discount is usually less than if the item went on sale.

  4. Three weeks ago I went into a JCPenny store to complete a tuxedo. I got such excellent customer service – like old-school good. I got the associate's name and gave him a shout out on Penny's FB page. Among his kudos, I told Penny's (or whomever they outsource customer service replies to) that if brick and mortar stores offered this quality of customer service then online 'stores' would not/could not take hold. Company's do not care anymore. Those that can are too big to fail and those who are not can't compete.

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