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Introduce about What’s Inside EVERY Madrigal Room?! – An Encanto Theory and Discussion!

Well my last Encanto Theory about Bruno and Abuela Alma and Papa Candle Pedro did EXTREMELY WELL! One good turn deserves another, so let’s TURN the knob of each door in Casita and see what’s inside shall we?! In this video I will attempt to explain the concept of Casita’s magical rooms based on what we know and try to predict what could possibly be each Madrigal room that we never got to see in the movie! What does Dolores keep secret? Where does Pepa go to unwind? What about Luisa or Camilo or Julieta? All shall be explained in another deep analysis of this awesome Disney movie!

P.S If this vid does well enough, I’ll probably talk about Mirabel’s room among other things in the future. The channel’s not gonna be just this, I promise, but I’m on a real Encanto kick at the moment. It’s fun to talk about the film and you guys really seem to like when I do! Plus the songs keep getting stuck in my head so I couldn’t escape it even if I wanted to. ^^;

0:00 Introduction
2:23 How do Encanto’s Rooms work?
4:21 What’s in Luisa’s Room?
6:27 What’s in Pepa’s Room?
8:22 What’s in Dolores’ Room?
10:52 What’s in Camilo’s Room?
13:15 What’s in Julieta’s Room?

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  1. I think mirabel already had a gift from the start because at the bit were the family takes a photo I the new jungle room the time stops and everyone go see slow motion but mirabel is not and she was moving fast singing and that so I think here power in to stop time!


  3. I've been thinking about the magical bedrooms ever since the movie first came out and I think I have a decent idea of them now. With the exception of Alma's which is said to be a replication of her and Pedro's old home, each of the rooms' interiors follows 3 rules:
    1. They are inspired by at least one particular place or cultural event in Colombia (like how Isabela's room is inspired by the Medillín Festival of the Flowers for example).
    2. The have certain features that help the inhabitant to explore using their gift and to practice their duties (like how Bruno's room is filled with sand and have a spacious cave to help perform visions for example).
    3. They have a few extra features that reflect the inhabitant's personality and role in the family (like how Antonio's room is very positive and welcoming in tone because he hasn't been exposed to the same pressures and expectations as his family for example).
    That's my idea, so if anybody wants to know more about what I think the other rooms would look like, just ask.

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