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Planet Fitness Hayward – How To Overcome Shyness & Feeling Awkward Around Girls

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3 Killer Tips To Get Rid Of Shyness & Improve Your Self Confidence.

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Have you ever felt shy, awkward, or have low self confidence?
If so you’re not alone…

A lot of sky guys are drawn to bodybuilding and fitness because they feel shy and insecure about themselves to some degree. Many guys become obsessed with working out and building up their physical body as a way to over compensate for feelings of shyness and having low self esteem.

Now this can be a good thing to a certain degree because as you build up your body and get in better shape physically, it can very often carry over and make you feel better about yourself mentally, and help improve your self confidence.

But there is a lot more to overcoming shyness and improving yourself confidence than just the physical aspects. You need to improve your communication and people skills as well as expanding your comfort zone in order to truly feel strong and confident.

I was having a conversation about this with one of the members of the Total Fitness Bodybuilding “Inner Circle” and he mentioned that even though he is in great shape physically, he still feels very shy and awkward around girls. He wanted to know if I had any tips or suggestions that could help him overcome his shyness and improve his self confidence.

And that’s exactly what I’m going to cover in this video!

Note: for more information about Toastmasters and to find a club in your area, visit:

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  1. Hi Lee, thanks for this wonderful and informative video. Years ago i had a burnout and developed some kind of social anxiety, ofcourse this makes it extra difficult to overcome shyness and feeling awkward around girls. I could join toast masters but it would be hard i geuss. Any tips on this one?

  2. So you and a other guy are pretty much my go to people for advice on working out. I went from 189lbs 45% at body fat down to 175 and lean. I want to thank you guys for that. However, i must ask, is there anything thing you can recommend to get my face looking better like you did the rest of me? That seems to be my biggest issue.
    You always have great advice. Thanks for the pumps. The salt thing is still working well

  3. I think thats what gets a lot of guys, they start lifting because they think it will improve their game. It does to some degree but it wont improve your spit game and thats a pretty important thing. You see a lot of unasthetic loud mouths with qt3.14's

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