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Bernie Sanders answers questions at the Planned Parenthood Membership Forum in Columbia, South Carolina.

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  1. Democrats should run as being the Party of reducing abortions as they fight for supports that DECREASE poverty, and poverty is the driver of economically necessry abortions. Stop voting republican to reduce abortion. Vote for Bernie because unlike the rest hes NEVER taken the dirty money. Mayor Pete is taking the dirty money as we speak.

  2. That's right! No middle ground on a women's right to choose! If you're a Democrat you should be pro choice period and you should be making it EASIER for women in poverty to have access to abortions if they need it! No Hyde amendment!

  3. All those saying abortion is a sin, read the Holy Bible. It says if your woman cheats on you, give her a potion and have her miscarry. Any bill that bans abortion goes against the bible those Elephants claim the love so much.

  4. Not worried about Communism or Socialism. I am worried about incipient Fascism and Trump. Bernie supports programs that help ordinary people but not State Socialism or Oligarchy. American Social Security is his style of Socialism. And he supports women's health, a real environmental program and decent pay for decent work fo men, women and minorities. Sounds good to me.

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