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Today, let’s Canadian Orange Historical Site learn about 4 things I HATE about Wilmington, NC in today’s post!

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Wilmington, North Carolina is a beautiful city….but it’s not perfect!

These are the four top things I hate about Living in Wilmington North Carolina. You need to see this if you are considering a move!

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Plantation Park Apartments - 4 things I HATE about Wilmington, NC

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  1. Wish you would record in a place where there is more sound deadening material. Brick and drywall and using the mic in the camera creates bad acoustics and is painful to listen too. A lapel mic would help as well. Carpet or curtains on the walls help. If you want more views this would help.

  2. Avoid, nothing but Democrat run overbuilt dump, crime and drugs increasing, on a steady decline. Horrible leadership, all they do is take and give nothing back to the people, they have overbuilt the whole City with mega apartments and homes on small lots with tax revenue greed as the motivating factor.

  3. They build multi unit luxury condos on an already clusteriffic traffic… on gordon road you will lose possibly up to 20 minutes just to turn onto road.. wilmington is an hour to get to wilmington… its really a pain in the rump… its slowly becoming a shithole like new york and jersey… ive fully enjoyed my stay here since 2013… people that grew up here has had enough and went elsewhere… its a sad shame.. once a beautiful quiet laid back area… is now just another overpopulated landmass island type… like n.y… where people are rude.. obnoxious, entitled self centered warts on societies ass…

  4. I've lived here both from 2004-'07 and currently. Biggest negatives to me are everything is way spread out and roads get very bottle necked. Very rarely do you ever get a week of sunny clear skies during the hottest months here. Thirdly, the southern culture and small town charm here have all but disappeared. I think you'll only love living here if you're a college kid who's going to live on the beach with other college kids or if you're over 60, drive a Buick SUV and sometimes like wearing a sweater around your neck or are a Trader Joe's hipster who prefers the beaches over the mountains. I think that's about it. I really miss the working class feel Wilmington used to have so many years ago, that's for sure.

  5. There’s no reason to lose power. You can get a solar pack, and use 12v everything from the marine store. You should have plenty of water or a way to clean water. Store the empty container in the attics and have a hand pump or windmill that you can erect after the storm. Pickled, fermented, canned (fresh) food and you don’t even need refrigerator. Almond milk, tofu, and tempeh don’t go bad soon. Adjust now, nothing changes for me if the electric goes out, summer or winter. City people take notice.

  6. My biggest complaint is … STUPID DRIVERS. It's not wonder we are ranked the highest per capita accident rate in the State. And there is not one day in my commute into Wilmington on Hwy 421 that I don't see two or three people who do not know (or care) that the left hand lane is not a traveling lane!

  7. I lived in Wilmington from 90-92 and absolutely loved it, so much so that I still refer to it as “my adopted home town”. It has built up a lot since then so yes traffic is a big problem. I live about 90 miles inland now so not too far for a visit. I didn’t even mind an occasional hurricane. We called it “the price you pay for living in paradise, But I’d like to take issue with you saying there’s nothing to do in the off-season, They we’re squashed by Covid but I like to think they’ll come back. That’s Riverfest in October and the Azalea Festival in the sping. Then there’s the holiday lighted flotillas in Carolina and Wrightsville Beach and it just a short drive to the festivities in Holly Ridge. My sister used to live in Southport, and they celebrated July 4th all week long. And a relatively short drive to Myrtle Beach and all it has to offer also. My 2 biggest complaints about Wilmington was not a good place for snow lovers(except for 1989), and no good strip clubs(Pure Gold doesn’t count because they were awful) , but there’s always Myrtle Beach as mentioned before or Jacksonville in the other direction or even Snead’s Ferry to get off the beaten path.

  8. I moved to Wilmington for a job 25+ years ago it is one of the most beautiful and small towns I have ever been in Wilmington would be great if all the northern and West Coasts would move back to their own homes and not knock our beautiful town and beach I pulled up your video by era four worst things in Wilmington well it is what it is Wilmington is family faith and much more it down and if you can find something to do in North Carolina in the winner you’re doing the wrong thing we also have a beautiful ice rink called the Icehouse with hockey and figure skating which is one of my passions and I grew up in Florida go figure

  9. I live in Wilmington and none of this is true. I've NEVER heard of a HURRICANE or a "traffic" whatever that means… As for the winter it is VERY cold and we get a lot of snow!! Lastly, the water is the best I've ever had and it doesn't smell bad. Not helpful and not honest.

  10. Nailed em all. One thing Wilmington needs is a legit arena for legit concerts and events. Indoor arena. 8-12K seats.
    As a guy who loves live shows and events, living here is less fun because of that. 2-5 hour drive to real events in Raleigh, etc. The Greenfield Lake Ampitheatre is awesome, but they gotta get artists people have heard of.

  11. My family and I love the winters here. The temperature stays in the 60's (most of the winter) and the traffic that is a pain during summer time is gone. We have a 2 year old and have never not had something to do in the winter. Visit the beach. Go for a walk in one of the many parks. Go fishing or visit a pier. Visit the aquarium or fort fisher. Go for a walk downtown and grab some food at one of the many amazing local restaurants. Go for a walk at the beach and grab some drinks and listen to live music. The list go's on and on. The winter is amazing in Wilmington. You must have lost touch with why you want to live in a coastal town in the first place.

  12. 1. Wilmington DOES NOT recycle. People have proven its a myth and that whatever is collected is not recycled. I'm researching to find the proof. Two people have confirmed this to me.

    2. We have an awesome 4th Friday Gallery Crawl, Theaters such as Thalian Hall, Film Festivals, live Comedy, Wilson Center and other places with great things to do indoors, trampoline places, Escape rooms, live music and even a board game hang out as well as many other indoor activities for when it's too cold, too hot, etc. There's plenty to do here without cold weather sports. I think you should edit this or do a new video tomorrow specifically say cold weather sports are limited. Winter things to do ARE NOT limited. You may want to expand your knowledge of all the options. Many creative people get together for their own interests. There are lots of groups for hobbies and interests locally, including a cosplay group.

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