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Plasma Donation Madison Wi - The SECRET KEY behind YOUR DREAMS!

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  1. I had a vision in September of 2015 when my daughter Jasmina was 1 and half years old and I was sweating when I woke up. I saw this place America was getting destroyed. Everyone was running around trying to get to a safe place but nothing but chaos. I was standing waiting on a seashore dressed like Moses because it was what I asked who were my people, so I seen myself dressed like Moses with a staff and then a bunch of people around me were asking how we were going to get out of here cursing at me and complaining. A woman said she was my wife and spoke to the crowd and another brother told them I was her husband, hold their tongue and not disrespect me. She said I love you. I replied I love you too, but I stared at her for a moment because I didn't recognize her… Them the sky rolls back like a scroll and I hear HIM speak….then I ended up in a desert with a bunch of us behind me still cursing and showing out then Father's Son and the entire heavenly Army was behind Him I bowed and the people behind me was still cursing asking who is this in front of me…I got angry after HIS Son walked passed me and jumped up and asked Him could one of His messengers touch me so I could silence them. Then I yelled “SILENCE!!!!” and said, “Do you not know this is the SON of the Most High Elohim you will bow and then I started to glow like HIS Army all over my body my tattoos disappeared then all the people eyes stretched wide like they were in shock and amazed what they saw and all that came with me bowed. Then I woke up.

  2. I dreamt I could not walk and ended up in a wheelchair and one year later I ended up in a wheelchair unable to walk then I dreamt that I walked years later well its 42 years since I ended up in this wheelchair I Hooe to walk anytime now I have been through a lot in this body I have been discriminated because I can't walk by our people and white people this life of mines is a real test but after all these years I know that the spiritual body and thoughts can keep you my tears is my strength I pray and hope my dream come through walk on full white through the forest with my locks all the way on the floor flowing behind me with my hands behind me

  3. I wish that I could respond to each and every one of your videos they're always so informative and I usually have something going on whenever you put something out but I do want to respond to this one about the dream video for the past two years I have been having vivid dreams. I wish I could tell you about them. my mother has been dead for 8 years. Now I'm having this dream that something is starting to materialize in the room it has no form no figure my mother sees it and she attacks it what when I tell you she kicked this thing ass and it went away that's my dream I had a couple of days ago

  4. Sis is there a way to put up some sort of screen or barrier when you record? Or maybe record inside so that the wind is not an issue. I know you have to be in an absolutely beautiful place for you to not want to give up that area for your broadcasts but it changes your focus when the wind kicks up and somewhat takes away from your message. The feedback from the wind doesn't bother me and it seems to not bother your listeners but maybe one of these suggestions will help.

  5. Ok I’ll say it finally, the wind isn’t fighting with you. It’s speaking behind you, no matter how much or how hard you think the wind is blowing we can still hear you! So just let it speak to our inner as you teach to our outer. Thanks sister ❤u

  6. Great video! I’d like to add from Dr Mumbi that you can add a nightly ritual routine of detoxifying your spirit/house, using Florida Water in a spray bottle to use around the house, burning sage and leaving specific incense on during the night. There’s also stones/crystals but that’s only if you have knowledge of these things beforehand

  7. It's insane how much we dismiss dreams. The dream world is the subconscious/spirit world. How then do you spend half of your life sleeping, dreaming and believe it's not real? C'mon.

    I don't fully sleep anymore. My body is usually dead asleep but my mind and spirit, oh man. I'm always aware that I'm dreaming, and who/what is around my sleeping body. If I don't dream or remember my dream I usually feel sad/disconnected. There is so so so much that happens there and I don't like missing anything.

  8. I had a dream 1 week and a half ago that I was radiating blue & was fighting someone who was yellow. Then tonight I just woke up from a dream that my brother was on the news saying it isn’t smart to go around many people while a radioactive emp happens.
    He was basically saying to prepare for what is about to happen & I was showing my siblings & I told them “ you see you guys don’t listen unless Aaron says it & look he’s saying it “
    & the other kids were still making jokes about it. It was defiantly a warning for what’s to come if they don’t wake up

  9. Sister Dr, I'm really thankful that I can listen to your what I find amazing is that these days it's like you live in me.a day ago I had this strange dream where all the chakras came together forming one ball of extremely bright light.i tried asking people around me for the explanation and people were looking at me like I'm if that wasn't enough when I came back from work my son told me that a lady (I stay in a complex) who stays in another unit,that has a problem with me I must say,was found fainted near my unit during the day I'm so scared.

  10. It's so true Sis, few years back in my sleep I would travel and one day I traveled to what looked like cern with 4 human meeting with a dragon and alien looking being that I can't explain. Once I saw that I heard in my spirit that how did I get there and the voices said they should put a veil on me. Ever since then I can't travel and my dream life been kind dead. I tried everything possible to get the veil off.

  11. Hi family still keep me in your prayers thank you. When my father King John Abu Kamara was in my life as a child before his passing every morning I awoke my father always asked me what did u dream about! I always document my scratcher’s via photo or recording
    Have some form of writing material by your bed and when you just mentioned keeping a journey

  12. Oh what a timing, just when I am researching abt dreams (especially lucid). I can't thank you enough Dr Mumbi for bringing this topic up, I feel like so many people are going through this stage right now. 2 days ago a had a lucid dream that I am in the outer space amongst huge ships and I could clearly hear the communication radio, and one small carrier amongst them was engulfed by flame (not the kind of flame we know of) from the center outwards. I can also see other creatures like something that looks like sharks but blueish color and with feathers, breathtakingly beautiful, and they were talking like we do.
    This dream was unusual to me, it felt very real, even more so, and I was aware that I was in a dream or in a different state, something unfamiliar to me. So I was trying to google/research looking for answers or meanings. The fact that this happened after few weeks of meditation, shows me how powerful meditation/prayers are. Thank you! As you said I will look for answers internally, will keep the momentum rolling!

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