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We all have a favorite sandwich, and chances are it is connected to where we grew up. We don’t think about it, but a sandwich’s popularity and quality can be tied to the state in which it is cooked. Depending on what state you are visiting, you may want to try the sandwich the state is known for. We have done half the work for you by compiling a list of every state’s signature sandwich, and all you have to do is book the plane ticket. Looking for the best tuna melt? Wondering where you can find a world class Monte Cristo? Join us as we list the absolute best sandwich in every state.

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Alabama: Barbecue chicken sandwich | 0:00
Alaska: Smoked salmon sandwich | 0:34
Arizona: Sonoran hot dog | 0:53
Arkansas: Fried bologna | 1:26
California: French dip | 1:53
Colorado: Fool’s gold | 2:20
Connecticut: Fried clam | 2:50
Delaware: The Bobbie | 3:13
Florida: Cuban | 3:43
Georgia: Pimento cheese sandwich | 4:11
Hawaii: Kalua pork sandwich | 4:39
Idaho: Huckleberry sandwich | 5:07
Illinois: The Horseshoe | 5:30
Indiana: Hoosier sandwich | 5:50
Iowa: Loose meat sandwich | 6:21
Kansas: Burnt ends sandwich | 6:40
Kentucky: Hot brown | 7:10
Louisiana: Po’ boy | 7:35
Maine: Lobster roll | 8:00
Maryland: Crab cake sandwich | 8:23
Massachusetts: Fluffernutter sandwich | 8:47
Michigan: Ham sandwich | 9:22
Minnesota: Juicy Lucy | 9:48
Mississippi: Pig ear sandwich | 10:11
Missouri: The Gerber | 10:44
Montana: Pork chop sandwich | 11:08
Nebraska: Reuben | 11:30
Nevada: Patty melt | 11:51
New Hampshire: Monte Cristo | 12:14
New Jersey: Italian hoagie | 12:38
New Mexico: Turkey and green chile | 13:01
New York: Pastrami on rye | 13:25
North Carolina: Pork sandwich | 13:57
North Dakota: Sloppy Joe | 14:21
Ohio: Polish boy | 14:47
Oklahoma: Chicken-fried steak | 15:10
Oregon: The Reggie Deluxe | 15:32
Pennsylvania: Cheesesteak | 15:53
Rhode Island: Hot wiener | 16:17
South Carolina: Tuna melt | 16:45
South Dakota: Pheasant salad | 17:07
Tennessee: Hot chicken | 17:31
Texas: Brisket sandwich | 17:52
Utah: Halibut sandwich with fry sauce | 18:12
Vermont: The Vermonter | 18:34
Virginia: Ham biscuit | 18:59
Washington: Bahn mi | 19:23
West Virginia: Sausage biscuit | 19:48
Wisconsin: Grilled cheese | 20:06
Wyoming: Beef sandwich | 20:32

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  1. Rut's Hut "Home of the Ripper" between the palisades and the Hudson River in Clifton NJ deserves a mention for thir deep fried dog fried until the natural casing rips open. Until it couldn't afford the rent anymore causing it to close, the Carnegie Deli on 8th Ave. NYC served a massive corned beef sandwich! RIP Carnegie Deli.

  2. Wisconsin may be known for its cheese, but it was settled by a lot of German immigrants who brought their sausage making skills with them and there are local meat markets all over the State that make fantastic bratwurst. Nothing says summer like a brat off the grill.

  3. At 16:23 Hot Weiners are mentioned for Rhode Island. i must say that 'near' Rhode Island in Putnam, CT Nikki's Dog House makes a GREAT Coney Island dog. For Mass I cannot believe that a Fluffernutter sandwich EVER made it to this list. Poor Massachusetts. There has to be SOMETHING else they would want to be noted for.

  4. Detroit, Michigan here! Mikes, on Michigan Ave., has a ham sandwich that's to die for. However, if you're ever in Motown you've got to try the American and Lafayette Coney Hot Dogs which is just down the road from Mikes. Order the two on one with chili, mustard, onion. And tell them "Spaghetti" sent you!

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