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Plato’S Closet Cerca De Mi – Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 122

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With secrets and mysteries ever growing, the Mighty Nein must navigate the rising tension between themselves and their ersatz allies as their travel to Aeor continues…

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Plato'S Closet Cerca De Mi - Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 122

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  1. HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing
    0:15 The cast plays Cyberpunk 69
    3:05 They got Matt
    4:05 Everything resets at the end of the ads
    5:20 01211
    6:55 Laura’s Merch Corner
    8:20 Intro cinematic
    9:55 Episode Starts
    12:05 Recap Ends (Sam’s Laura shirt)
    14:40 Caduceus just carries mustard around
    17:25 A chewin’ drink
    19:00 Goals
    24:15 Jester has lofty ambitions
    33:05 Fake stuff
    34:45 Laura notices Sam’s math
    35:40 Crazy conspiracy
    41:00 Zemnian psychoanalysis
    41:25 The Parable of the Squirrel
    43:40 The dome is not that secure
    48:25 Lucien’s code
    52:40 Messaging Udolla
    54:05 Beaunicorn
    54:40 It was a long week
    58:25 Nonagon is just rabies
    59:35 Pupper Caleb
    1:03:00 Periscat
    1:05:20 Can’t wear the armor
    1:09:40 The Book
    1:21:55 Caleb whips it out
    1:25:40 Day 14 (Sam ruins everything)
    1:27:30 Lucien is confident
    1:32:00 Lucigast
    1:37:40 Messaging Dagen
    1:45:50 Veth speaks Zemnian
    1:47:25 Door 4
    1:49:45 Door 9
    1:51:05 Door 1
    2:00:00 Top floor
    2:03:45 Not going to dive for an extra roleplay scene
    2:05:25 Break Starts
    2:10:15 Art Montage
    2:22:35 Break Ends
    2:23:45 Saying grace
    2:25:30 This is a high maintenance table
    2:37:30 Beau tries to be nice
    2:40:00 The Gnoll story
    2:45:15 Sprinkle is highly allergic
    2:48:40 Mega meow
    2:52:45 Meowmories
    2:55:40 Divine Interventions
    2:58:20 Planning starts
    3:11:10 Planning ends
    3:13:20 We could use words
    3:16:00 One Big Bed
    3:17:50 Jester gives a tour
    3:18:45 A peeking Scanlan
    3:20:00 Jester takes massive dumps, canon
    3:23:15 Jester forgets to pee
    3:24:05 A flood of cats
    3:27:00 Sweet dreams
    3:31:40 Strip searching Caleb
    3:33:40 Getting in on the ground floor
    3:36:30 Episode Ends
    The in-game start date for the episode was the 25th of Brussendar 836. Sam’s flask has a picture of a vampire clown picture of Matt, fusing with a picture of Travis to form a picture of Travis from the unreleased movie “To Have and To Hold”. Search ‘To Have and To Hold Trailer’ to learn more. The back is an old message saying “Turn your stuff into a Turtle” in the TMNT font, and also “Larry, I’m in DuckTales” scrawled at the top.
    I know I’m late to the game, but MonarchsFactory is really good. It’s just some classic geeking out over ideas for homebrew. Even when I disagree about how I would implement something, it still gets the creative wheels turning.
    Any moments I missed? Feel free to post them here. Is it Thursday yet?

  2. lucian: is that the only cult youve killed?
    Bo: i guess it dependswhat you define a cult….
    Me: well there was the fish cult, the 2 ukatoa cults, the vokoto cult, the cult of the angel of irons…oh then the gnoll cult….then theres the cult after claiana, traveler con and lastly the Cerberus assembly (not really a cult but kinda)
    so yeah lots of cults every big enemy has essentially been a cult

  3. I feel like I am one of the only ones who gets grumpy when they long rest I have never played a caster other then a warlock (Hexblade) but I have always looked over at my casters and sent them to bed first and told them to never take a watch its better for them to get a full rest and get their bloody spell slots back instead of chancing it how Caleb and Jester could not get their long rest thanks to Lucian removing the Dome and forcing them awake its so much better to have the Warlock and non spell slingers take watch but here the 9 is letting Caleb Jester and Cad take watch and press their luck with their spell slots

    Like I get it be all inclusive and having them take the chance adds to the enjoyment of the viewer with drama like previously said with Lucian waking them up but still please sleep Clerics, Druids, and Wizards… And I guess Sorcerers can get some sleep as well… But still get your rest so you enjoy your time playing instead of trudging and casting cantrips only its no fun loosing your Class skill

  4. I just realized that one of the reasons Caleb can't move on or forgive himself is because of his Keen Mind feat. He remembers everything perfectly, his photographic memory is his curse. It's probably the reason he got picked to join the academy and why Trent took interest in him. The only reason he's able to keep going is because he now has lots of vivid memories with his friends. What a beautiful and tragic way to work a feat into a character's story.

  5. obvious ones:
    Lucien = Dark Molly of course
    Otis = Dark Veth (halfling rogue from a small town in the Empire)
    Zoren = Dark Fjord (loner from the Menagerie Coast until he met up with his current group)

    my other suggestions:
    Tyffial = Dark(er) Yasha (strong lady with sword, doesn’t conversation)
    Cree = Dark Caduceus (zealously faithful animal person, surprisingly high snark levels)

    Dark Caleb is already taken, it’s Essek (former child prodigy in magic, current guilt-ridden war criminal). No such thing as Dark Jester because it’s physically impossible. I kind of think that Dark Beau might be Astrid (very intelligent and practical women who were forced into joining a major imperial organization, but eventually found their place in it and began to enjoy it) but I’m not sure if it holds up

  6. Caleb's 8th Floor — the way the rooms are just as painful for him as they are (he thinks) necessary; the way each of the Mighty Nein reacted to different parts (Jester sitting in the room with Caleb; Caduceus immediately realizing what Room 1 was and then last leaving the tea; Fjord going upstairs to see Caleb's room; Beau asking open questions to give Caleb a nudge to talk about it) — and the amazing quiet of the whole scene: some of the best of their work. And the most I've cried in all of Campaign 2. Not least because it also suggests that any person could have a series of rooms of the places that made us, of the people that are always with us, and how wonderful and terrible it would be to be able to go sit in that room again and hear the creaky stair or touch the shoddy wooden table or sit on the rumpled bed. Damn.

  7. So is no one else gonna question how Lucien and his crew covered about 24 hours of travel within roughly 8 hours that the mighty nein had to stop to explore and rest? They would have had to skip about 2 long rests in order to even have a chance at getting there on time. That's also assuming they don't get exhausted, and have half speed for about day or more, and assuming they had perfect weather conditions for about 3 days and a half for nothing to slow them down. (Maybe I missed something but logistically thinking there's no way Lucien and his crew should have been able to arrive on time before the Nein got their long rest and kept traveling.)

  8. I know I'm real late to the party, but I had a thought after the scene with Caleb's childhood room, and Beau looking at Fjord before she leaves. I'm not sure how well this works, but I see that as Beau acknowledging that she and Fjord are sort of his older siblings in a way. I also feel like Caleb has almost found a new Astrid and Eadwulf in Beau and Fjord respectively. Not in a romantic way, but definitely that core trio relationship from his academy days. Either way, I love their dynamics as their whole group and their smaller groups. They're also all insanely great actors/actresses.

  9. In terms of the M9 getting the information from the cobalt soul, they could have had the soul write it all down and then jester use a scry spell to read it. (Scry on a particular table or something) I'm not sure if this would work and it's complicated. Just an idea

  10. 24:23 I don't think there's ever been a time in either C1 or C2 as of this episode where Laura has encountered or interacted with a unicorn. Considering that they are very powerful, magical, intelligent creatures, I doubt that she would be able to.

    46:52 That's the thing, though. He spent days reading that book constantly. It's obviously a magical book that compels the reader to read it without stopping.

    1:40:20 I'm starting to feel like the more time Beau has spent with Lucien the more she's regressed to her older self.

    3:23:31 Great, now there's the possibility Lucien might invade your mind and eavesdrop.

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