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Prusa 3D Printers – How to Create your Own T-shirt Motif with a 3D printer?

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3D printing two-dimensional creations sound silly, and as a waste of 3D printer potential. Is that right? Well, we’ll try to change your mind. Using a 3D printer to print on fabric can have great results and also might save you some money. With this guide, you will be able to create cool original t-shirts for every day!

Used designs:
3D printed insert:

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Prusa 3D Printers - How to Create your Own T-shirt Motif with a 3D printer?

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  1. I have been pondering on this idea for a while; I was going to print in reverse onto my glass print-bed, then try to transfer it to fabric by heating it with a hot-air gun. Having watched this, I might actually give it a try! :o)
    I have also been considering printing a PCB mask this way to see if it will etch cleanly. I think the porous nature of the print could be a problem though.
    I don't actually need a shirt or a PCB, so I was probably not ever going to get around to it. Perhaps someday? :o)

  2. I could see this being exceptionally useful for printing logos / identifying marks on pieces where the fabric stays stiff.
    Things like shoulder pads on armor. Where you want a fabric outer layer over some sort of structure, like foam.

    Might work well on things like hats as well, although they might not Cooperate well with the printing process.

  3. I've been doing this with TPU for a while, on a CR-20 and now the Ender 6. Core XY makes it a whole lot easier to set up, as does a BL Touch. Just make sure your retractions are spot on when using flexibles, because the stringing will stick and ruin it. As for how long do they last? I have work T shirts I printed 5 years ago that have gone through hundreds of washes, and the print is still as the day I printed.

  4. Since it's spring steel, there's no reason not to use magnets to clip the shirt to the bed. You can place magnets around the section that needs to be flat and then tuck in the shirt, that way you don't run into issues with pre-stretching the fabric during the application (and you don't have to take the metal tabs off of your clips)

  5. why didn't you try to 2 layers or more. There is a whole new world of textured paintings on tshirts. For example to make Spiderman's face just with red base layer and for a second one use black tpu with thick layer high and over extrusion to draw web on red base layer

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