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Publix Five Forks - The Villages Shopping At Publix

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  1. I live in suburban Chicago. Hoffman Estates is next to Schaumburg. Hoffman Estates has an Aldi store. 4 miles away from Aldi in Schaumburg, a neighboring, is a Trader Joe's. The combined population of Schaumburg and Hoffman Estates is probably 130K, about the same size as The Villages. I have gotten my groceries delivered for the past 6 weeks and will continue until the COVID rates start coming down in the Chicago area. Just got a big grocery order yesterday.

  2. Hi Skip. A lot of grocery stores have delivery (Instacart). You can begin by going to the website of the specific store you’d like the groceries to come from. If it’s Publix, scroll all the way down and click on Grocery Delivery. This might be a good solution for you.

  3. About Publix, 4 members of my family in Leesburg and Tavares areas are working for or retired from Publix. When the husband and I visited family there in 2018 for Christmas, we were living in Texas at the time. We had absolute sticker shock at the prices on food at Publix. So price = bad, cleanliness of stores A+, as an employer a C+. Winn Dixie is not as spacious and fancy but it's way more affordable. And Winn Dixie has the BEST diet cream soda in their own brand.

  4. I used to read the morning paper also until it got too PC. It was good for finding out where the new restaurants were opening up. Also, there are 3 Publix stores in TV that I go to, and everyone of them has a different set up so it's hard to find anything easily. Going food shopping is good for exercise!

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