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The time has finally come. The FiTech fuel injection unit has returned from getting serviced. Let’s get this thing back on the DDSS ’57 before the snow returns. Follow along and see how smoothly (or not smoothly) this install goes. As usual, we have some issues…

I want to say a huge thank you to the fine folks over at FiTech. Not only ere they cool enough to donate their product for DD Speed Shops build of the car, but once I had some issues, the stood behind the product and repaired it free of charge. You guys rock!

So of course my featured product for this video is FiTech Fuel Injection. That’s right, you can purchase on of these fine unit from Amazon, and here is the link

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As always, thanks for watching!

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Puddin'S Fab Shop - DDSS '57 FiTech Re-Install After Warranty Replacement, Will It Run???

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  1. A little hard to watch because you would start a sentence and then hesitate for a while and I am wondering did he forget the sentence or find something new… but you came around…. I'm thinking that you were thinking out loud and kinda caught yourself. It to me sounds good. I didn't really hear a four barrel sound as the exhaust is just loud enough to make it work harder. It doesn't sound boggy now so thats a improvement. I know that your a good mechanic with hundreds of things going on in your head as we all do. Good luck

  2. Sounds good! Glad to see that Fitech made it right, lots of times those smaller companies just kind of ignore their customers once they make the sale. I'm curious, is throttle response better with the FI or with the carb? Guessing it would be better with the FiTech, probably better economy as well.
    Hope you get to enjoy the ride for a while with no more big issues 🙂

  3. You are doing such an "Amazing Job" with this 57 Chevy, that you will have no choice but to turn it into a really sharp 2 dr. post car in 2022! I really like what you are doing, and respect your patience during this process.

  4. Glad you got it running with the EFI. How was the hunt? Did you tag anything? Could you do me a huge favor? Put some loom and a rubber grommet on the alternator wire. Lol. With the bad luck you're having on the car, I'd hate to see it catch fire. That particular kind of wire has a super soft sleeving that can chafe easily. I would bet on the RH side where it's along the side of the cut core support, it's already got a worn spot. Not being a di#@ just has my OCD in overdrive. Lol

  5. I glad you got the FiTech running again! Looking forward to the two door conversion. Will you do two door quarters or cut up the old rear doors? Best of luck to you either way. Might be a good idea to remove the throttle body when welding on the car.

  6. Remember back when, just had to have headers glad I got over that. Most people don't know about mounting holes. Early headers were cheesy always leaked and sounded thinly. Removed went back to large outlet ram horn, may not have looked cool but less grief. All in all glad you're up and running.

  7. I've heard that heat is killing some of the ECU's on those EFI carbs. People are putting 1/4" plastic or composite spacers between the intake and EFI unit which lowers the heat transfer to the unit substantially. Don't use an aluminum spacer because that defeats the purpose of the effort. Glad the car is running well.

  8. At last, see we had the hunch it was the ECU. At least FiTech come to the party. I've had so many new things that have had problems from the word go and sometimes its impossible to get help or ever communications with these company's. As I said to you before its not just you, being a 64 year old car you always get shit happening. Eventually you will get through it and enjoy it. Love your channel. PS one good thing (POSITIVE) about the DDSS 57 is that it sent me to you channel and now Im a loyal subscriber as I presume quite a few others Cheers from Australia

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