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Puddin’S Fab Shop – Japanese Instant Custard Pudding – Whatcha Eating? #12

Pots Japanese Instant Custard Pudding – Whatcha Eating? #12 on the topic of Puddin’S Fab Shop You’re getting a lot of attention, aren’t you? !!
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Vanilla, Chocolate, Tapioca? Forget boring pre-fab pudding cups, watch how-to make instant custard pudding on this week’s episode of Whatcha Eating? on Emmymade in Japan.

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Puddin'S Fab Shop - Japanese Instant Custard Pudding - Whatcha Eating? #12

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  1. There are instant puddings sold by the Jell-O brand where you just add milk. It pretty much looks the same and sold in U.S grocery stores. Custard and pudding are slightly different, since there are eggs in custard. This is definitely a pudding and not a custard. Custard is just describing the flavor. I guess this powder has some powdered milk substance already mixed in and just needs water. It's not any better (scratch is the best!) but it's not so different from what already exists.

  2. Sorry- I misunderstood you.
    I know that there are dairy products in dehydrated goods, and that there are (probably) dehydrated goods in the thing Emmy made. But the way you make REAL custard get the perfect consistency is using eggs, and it is a delicate and laborious chore to get them to the right temperature – which I highly doubt can be replicated using dehydrated dairy products. Since the recipe did not call for eggs, I said 'I don't trust it' because I knew it wouldn't taste like it should.

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