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Rei Des Moines – Carrier Target Prioritization Thought Process & Explanation

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Which target to focus? Which ship to strike? Which enemy to spot? Lot’s of requests asking for a video on Target Prioritization so hopefully this video helps you guys out. I explain a bit on my thought process on 2 separate games and help you pull an edge over the other team with focusing down the correct ships.

00:00 Introduction
01:13 Game 1 Midway
05:12 Early Strikes Matter
05:47 Flank & Target Prioritization
09:30 Look At Your Minimap
12:20 AA Knowledge and Pre-dropping
15:45 Game 2 MVR
17:13 Know Enemy Ship Positioning & Movement
19:40 Focusing Ships Before It’s Too Late
24:25 Summarization

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Rei Des Moines - Carrier Target Prioritization Thought Process & Explanation

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  1. In which vid are you going to explain why you use TTs? IMO the HVARs allow you to strike spotted DDs and other manueverable cruisers with far more ease, while TTs are only useful against BBs and even then HVAR can do similar damage if aimed at superstructure.

  2. Thank you. Concise and easy to understand in one go. I may not be "new" player, but "inexperienced" I definitely am which is why I often succumb into the urge to get planes into the air as fast as possible which, more often than not, leads to pretty poor performance. Knowing the thought process of the planning before hitting the launch key is a great help. Thank you once again.

  3. Another helpful CV video, im sure the community will thank you. (expect probably the surface ship players, just cus) Hopefully CV players will get better as a result, myself included. The RNG on bombers can be a ROYAL pain sometimes, even when ya line it up perfectly. Anyway, I think this is my general mindset when playing Carriers too, i'm just terrible at consistently executing it. In the games that last long enough for it to matter, its ALWAYS funny when i use myself as "shell bait" while what's left of my fleet kills whatever is silly enough to shoot at me, just sailing along side the battleships (generally the last ones standing) and just keep throwing planes while using Carrier AA to blap enemy planes.

    Id say the biggest step for CV player is realizing "oh yeah, my ship is the planes SPAWN POINT", so keep moving around you fleet (preferably the side that isn't dying) till most of the enemy is dead, then join them for AA support.

    Speaking of Midway, Unlocked it a few weeks back and went "HOLY CRAP! HOW MUCH FLAK?!" Then i remembered she is RINGED with 127mm cannons.

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