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The Mysteries of Eleusis were a celebration of the goddesses Demeter and Kore. The procession and initiatory rite celebrated simultaneously the myth of Kore’s travel to the underworld, the growth and harvesting of crops, and personal rebirth. This week, we look at probably the most fascinating event in the Greek religious calendar.

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  1. The Mysteries are about death and preventing reincarnation. Orphic Mystai inscribed gold scrolls with reminders not to drink from the underworld river Lethe lest their memories be washed away and they’ll reincarnate. Most Mystery schools had their initiates undergo a near-death experience during the Greater Mystery and a drug induced state during the Lesser Mysteries, but it’s all about death, immortality and reincarnation

  2. Goddess of 'Corn'? Is she from the America's? Corn or Maize doesn't reach Europe until 1,500 AD. The crops the ancient Greeks would know are wheat, barley and rye.
    No corn.
    Unless like the Egyptian Royal mummies found with traces of cocao and nicotine in their bodies, the Greeks were also visiting the America's. Which could then explain how corn happens to appear in Ancient Greece.
    Any other explanation for 'Corn' being present in Ancient Greece?
    I'm surprised no serious researcher even raises a question over this simple aspect, that just can't be, given our academic understanding of world discovery. It seems to be just accepted as given that corn was a European crop since the Neolithic.
    Doesn't anyone even realise the enormity of the implications of having maize or corn in Europe more than 500 years before the apparent 'discovery' of America by Columbus?
    I mean this should be earth shaking news to the academic institutions and alternative researchers should be jumping for joy with solid proof our history is being covered up. We are being lied to.
    Or it shows how stupid researchers must be that no one to date can spot this obvious anomaly staring everybody in the face blatantly even a blind man can see it.
    Anyone enlighten me to why the cover up/stupidity is occurring over 'Corn' being in Europe prior to 1,500 AD?

  3. The Mysteries were never lost to time only hidden.. they are the greatest thing known to man.. the process by which one can "know thyself" you consist of body mind and spirit yet and we identify ourselves with all three but you are not your body. The real you is your spiritual self and one of the methods of actually "knowing " that by direct experience involves fasting.. I'm a student of the Norse Mysteries and in the havamal Odin also fasted but it is more than just fasting.. they used the seasons as a way of demonstration of as you said the hidden growth underground. Another thing to consider is that in the mysteries the underworld isn't a sub world from this.. THIS is the underworld.. this if the land of the dead.. what comes next is life.. all the stories about escaping the underworld was a way to experience what happens at death.. to KNOW that you are Immortal.. they believed in reincarnation..a cycle of life and death them life then death . The secrets are all hidden in the myths and when you start to understand what the symbols and stories really mean you'll notice that every religion on the planet has it’s roots in the mysteries. Religion was born from spirituality.. this is why the stories of Jesus, Odin Osiris mithras Hercules and on and on are all describing this process in myth form..

  4. Greek Culture is personified first person aspects of nature and emotions and behaviors as opposed modern view of third person mechanicalism and a hyper dead world and dead nature as well as mechanical detached view of emotional states as defined in psychology.

  5. Hades – Head
    Underworld – Subconscious mind
    Cerberus – Cerebral

    Cerberus is a 3 headed dog

    3 heads = symbolism for 3 days

    Jesus also spent 3 days in “underworld”

    In the Egyptian initiation of the Sphinx, 3 days are also mentioned.

    Even Ebenezor Scrooge saw 3 ghosts ( past, present, future) before being “born again” as a changed man.

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