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Ronald D Moore – Battlestar Galactica – The vision of Ron Moore (Paley Center)

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Executive producer Ron Moore talks about the premise of the original series and his new vision for the show — a darker series that reflects issues of today.

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Ronald D Moore - Battlestar Galactica - The vision of Ron Moore (Paley Center)

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  1. I think the timing of the Pilot was very critical. Some 10 years one from 9/11 now when I watch the pilot for BSG it doesn't quiet have the same punch. I think part of it of course is repeated veiwings but I do think that after a decade the "sting" of 9/11 fades and so does the experience of bringing in personal feelings to the show.

  2. PerculaPlushPet,
    By "the supernatural thing at the end", are you referring to Kara's disappearance? This was frustrating to me as well; but, it seems to me that Kara symbolizes some kind of guiding force in the universe that cannot be explained simply. Somehow you just end up where you are supposed to be, regardless of how you got there and regardless of whether or not you can rationalize it.

  3. @PerculaPlushPet,
    The constellation's formation from (Athena's tomb) only lined up on the Cylon's Earth. The constellations can be seen from this Earth but not in the same formation as was seen in the tomb on Kobol; so two locations of two earths still works.

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